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What Facts Marketer must Know about Twitter Marketing?

Twitter has a special and separate space among social media platform, using which a marketer can reach its goal. As Twitter is a most common used social media with some uncommon features, maximum users are seen engaged in Twitter account. Taking advantage of this, marketers are also focusing on Twitter promotion.

But if we will have a look at statistics then, we see more than three-fourth of marketer have failed to maintain Twitter marketing smoothly or to higher the level of promotion. Do you know the reason of marketer’s failure?



automate Twitter account


In the digital century, there are still marketers who run their Twitter marketing accounts manually. This is the only reason of marketer’s failure, as it kills a lot of time, don’t make your work look like a professional one and of course after a certain period of time marketers get bored with doing the repetitive and creative tasks.

So, what’s the solution for this? First of all, we are not saying you can’t manage Twitter business account manually, but it will not give you the desired output in stipulated time. Moreover, when there is lots Twitter Automation software are available then why should marketer waste time giving so hard efforts.

Though there are N numbers of Twitter Marketing software are there, still, Twtdominator has some extraordinary qualities and as compared to other software it’s found the most genuine one. Now let’s see actually how this software tools will lessen the efforts and amplify the output of marketers.


Automating tweets or re-tweets:

With this feature of Twitter marketing software, one can tweet or retweet on followers this act will ultimately make your social presence strong. By giving automatic tweets, you can also get different engagements from your followers. It can tweet on group activities which will promote your brand. Without any effort of a marketer, there account will look active and engaging. Isn’t that a great feature?


Automated follower or unfollower:

This is used to gain followers and even unfollow some followers in bulk. It will help to make followers who have an actual interest in your product so that they would make organic engagements for marketers account. Similarly, it can remove all those inactive users who make your Twitter account look dull. By doing it will automation process make you reach only real followers and also won’t lose you reals followers while unfollowing followers.


Get followers in bulk

Managing multiple accounts:

Nowadays, to reach huge users in less time marketers are running several Twitter accounts.But won't marketer get confused doing it with various Id and passwords? To ease this the software will enable a marketer to manage several accounts in just one window. It maintains accounts in such a way that all of your accounts looks professional ones.


Automated favorite:

Twitter marketing software are so smart that it will engage your account in giving tweets to only important posts of your followers.It will filter the best and engaging post to give a tweet from your account saving your time and effort.


Automatic direct message:

Using this feature, one can send a direct message to Twitter users approaching them to be your followers.One can also uses this   facility to make them aware of their brand or offers.The marketer can even send a message to followers in bulk without getting spammed.


Send direct message in Twitter


Wrapping Words:

We only focused on basic features of Twitter marketing software because most of the marketers make a quick decision without figuring out what they want from their Twitter account and how can they get it. Just to give them a clear cut idea what expectation they should have from their Twitter business account and seeing what features of Twitter marketing software they should automate their Twitter account.


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