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What Factors are Making Twitter One of the Best Marketing Platform?


Twitter is becoming essential for having a strong base in the social media marketing world. For improving the growth of the business organization and to help in getting more followers the role of Twitter social media site can not be overlooked.

Here're the factors which are constantly proving Twitter as a prime social media marketing tool:

1- Improve the proficiency of tweets with Twitter cards- twitter-cardsTweets are effective yet imagine a scenario in which you can extend the effectiveness of tweets to the extreme level. Yes, it is possible with Twitter cards, which can give a better experience to all your Twitter followers who keep on Tweeting on your content. Just by including some code to the organization's website, uploaded videos, images can be easily shared in the event any of the profile viewers share it with their followers, friends, groups etc.

Here are the 7 kinds of Twitter card you can use:website-card-screenshots-2-460x3001- Display cards highlighting various pictures.

2- Twitter cards including a single image.

3- Cards which let you post essential information with links.

4- Cards with multiple numbers of pictures.

5- cards including product information.

6- Application cards.

By using such fascinating cards on your Twitter profile, you can radically improve the probability of improving the numbers of clicks on your Twitter posts.

2- Marketing with Twitter- Concept of social media sharingConcept of social media sharing[/caption]Social media network is getting really swarmed over years. How would you set your services, your organization distinct? Well, for this you need to promote your posts. Furthermore, while Facebook is still acquiring the lead position in online networking marketing, Twitter's promotional ads can not be beaten by anyone. These are effective, powerful along with affordable. One thing you need to keep in mind is every time you need to determine who are the people you are targeting.

You can choose twitter promotional ads, accounts and also trends.

3- Twitter videos:twitter-videoHave you ever think of what can be the advantages of adding native videos to Twitter accounts. According to a recent announcement Twitter users can integrate native videos to their accounts, it will not only help in the business promotion but also help the organizations to achieve their targeted clients. Business organizations can add  the video clips of their workplace, background footage which will immensely help the organization in driving heavy website traffic.

4- Improve connection with Hashtags Screen-Shot-2013-08-19-at-12.18.26-PMHashtags works best towards finding the people who wish to take part in your social media groups, will like to support your organization. Your supporters can work as a base for connecting with the group of people and also promote the social media posts of yours. By using hashtags on your tweets, you are making them easy to search. Whenever anyone search for the same hashtag, your tweets will be displayed on the search results which is efficacious towards promoting your Twitter profile. Hashtags can be decided according to your business niche. Screenshot_10Advanced Twitter management tool TwtDominator is being utilized for finding Twitter users, tweets, by using hashtags. Also, one can use this software for retrieving the list of trending hashtags. You can also search for the tweets of your targeted people by assigning the keywords and also can create different marketing campaigns and select active Twitter user accounts for the campaigns.

5- Biggest benefit of Twitter- Effective conversation:130815-customer-relationships-lgTweeting can be one of the most used ways for having a direct conversation with the targeted people. By sending them, tweets on a regular basis one can easily convince them for becoming the business clients. This kind of communication is direct hence very much effective towards improving a reliable B2B relationship.


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