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TwtDominator: 5 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Organically

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Twitter is becoming an important participant in the marketing world, and everyone desires to engage in it because of its expansive reach. Yet, also using the great deal of marketing opportunities that Twitter offers, entrepreneurs possess trouble expanding their list of twitter followers. Odds are, in the event that you are tearing your hair out over not having Twitter followers, you're most likely doing something wrong. Try doing some changes in your Twitter marketing plan, instead of resorting to the “not-so-ethical” approached of growing follower’s list like buying followers. However, buying followers might work at times, but certainly you can’t always depend on these followers to generate leads and boost conversions. The followers you buy may simply end up by either being spammy or inactive Twitter accounts. The best and easiest way to get more Twitter followers, and make them engaged with you, is to do it organically.

Make It a Habit to Reciprocate

Take a look at their Twitter account when you get a notification indicating that you are being followed by someone, and follow them back at the same time. It is a commonly used approach – even by the most influential people on Twitter. You may also begin reaching celebrities on Twitter by re-tweeting mentioning or them. The famous person retweet or could mention you, which is viewed by their fans. The "Who to Follow" listing on Twitter can be useful if you are looking to follow a person who belongs to the same industry or market as that of yours. These consumers are recommended by Twitter centered on the actions you execute on your accounts as well as your areas of interest. Do not wait to deliver across a DM allowing them to understand that you're focusing and value their views, in case you are getting good number of followers through this process.

With Tweet feature keep your multiple Twitter accounts active. Upload a Mass list of Tweets and send them over the whole day or for a Specific time to get more engagements. Easily Retweet or Reply using keywords to join the trending things. Send mentions to let other know what you want to tell them.



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Spark a Conversation

Twitter is forever buzzing with activity, and many of the ongoing conversations might relate to something your company does, or to your brand. Don’t hesitate to join the discussion. Twitter conducts chats on particular days of the week, and joining in will help you increase your network and get in touch with more people who share the same interests, and love to discuss similar topics as you. Also, if you are tweeting out new information about a product, keep the sales pitches to a minimum, and make the conversation more personable. If you really want to engage your audience in a conversation, ask questions and opinions, take polls, or start contests that will make your followers want to interact with you.

Put Hashtags to Good Use

 Hashtags can help boost the number of your Twitter followers if used appropriately. Since you only get to work with 140 characters, use hashtags sparingly. Use just 2-3 hashtags in your posts, otherwise your posts can end up looking very spammy. Keep a lookout for trending tags and when you spot one that is relevant to your business/brand, send out tweets using the tag. To make sure your posts are getting attention, you can retweet other users who might be using the same hashtags. If you are going to be hosting an event or if you are starting a new campaign, create campaign/event specific hashtags, and promote them so that your users can easily connect with you. For a better reach, go for hashtags that are used commonly and are relevant to your business.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

The reason you are being followed is because your followers are interested in reading your tweets and they hope to gain some information from them. To ensure that your content is up to the mark, you can use a content discovery tool. When in doubt, use the 80/20 rule – 80% of the content you post, should be informative and should engage your audience, while only 20% of your content should talk about your brand or your company. For the 80% of your content, you can refer to other influencers, and post something that can be shared by others. This can include inspirational quotes, retweets, links to news pieces and more. You can even share images and videos of events that you attend, or ask your followers to share their experiences with you.

Promote Your Twitter Page

Raise awareness of your Twitter page amongst your clients/consumers. The best way to go about it, is to publish the link to your Twitter page on your Twitter account, your company’s Twitter page, and your LinkedIn profile. Also, create an interesting profile that people will want to read. Most people on Twitter, skim through profiles before clicking the Follow button. So make sure that your profile is complete and provides information about you and your brand. If you write blogs, publish your Twitter handle with your posts. You can even publish one-liner teasers of your upcoming blog posts to get people intrigued. Signing up on Twitter directories will also help increase followers as these directories are often visited by those who are looking for interesting people in their own field.


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