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How Twitter Won Olympics: Success Stories

Twitter has proved its presence throughout the world. It has spread its presence in Olympics too. Players with full enthusiasm used twitter to share their success stories.Twitter won Olympics in India.

Willing to know how? Then just continue your reading.    

Let’s just look into few success stories of proud Indian olympians.

Success stories


Success stories

It was the last July when Women’s Hockey Team of India had qualified for the Olympics. This was done after 36 years of absence. This can be surely observed from the selfie which Poonam Rani Malik (link) had clicked and shared on Twitter.

This appreciated deed had increased her following count to 189 times.  This has proved to be the example that how the fan following of Indian Olympians had grown exponentially on Twitter from the London to Rio.

The journey had begun when the Indian athletes had crushed the record for the largest ever unexpected travel to olympics with the 118 representatives who had qualified for Rio.

I am feeling proud to inform that our athletes had used Twitter to share the stories of their journey. From the time of see off by the Prime Minister till landing in Rio there was a distinctive sensation.

Now moving on to the India’s most followed Olympian. Yes, you are right, she is Sania Mirza. She too had disclosed the special Indian flag Twitter emoji for Olympic through a special app of the Twitter Cam. 

As the competition which was played on Twitter, there were 4 trends which were observed in India.  

Moving on to them!

Top 4 trends


Top 4 trends

Connection between Olympians and fans

It was found that 37 Indian Olympians were using the social networking site Twitter. This was during the Rio 2016. This social networking site was considered as the platform which they were using to share their gratitude, success, and even the pain. This was considered as the mode to get connected personally with their fans.

Women athletes’ celebration

We can say it as the #GirlPower for all the success which was drowned to India at Rio 2016. It was never like before, the scenario was prevailing when fans came together just to publically voice their praise to India’s stars who had contributed a lot in putting forward the name of India.

Supportive ecosystem for athletes

Being an athlete is very difficult task. You are to be conscious in each and every stage of your game. The difficulty occurs when athletes don’t find the supportive ecosystem. But here in India athletes had been provided with the very supportive ecosystem. 

Even they shared their appreciation towards the organization @OGQ India , @JSwSports, and @GoSportsVoices. Who had really worked hard compassionately for Indian Olympics behind the scene. They are the one who are not showing their presence but are contributing a lot to make the event a great success.

Ask for liability

It was found that for the first ten days there was no medal seen for India, then the concern was raised and Tweets were sent to make the changes that were required for the country to get success. (link)

These were some of the top trends which were prevailing during the Rio 2016. Twitter was considered a lot to spread the new of success even for any difficulty people used Twitter and soon the result was found.


These were some of the success stories which were sharing the success of Olympics and had made India proud winning medals in the Olympics. 

This blog was written to make you aware of the expanding nature of Twitter. This can inspire the users to get connected with Twitter and feel the fragrance of success which Twitter had gained via Olympians.

Hope this had inspired the readers too to get connected with this social networking site. If you want to know such more latest  news you can follow our blog on TwtDominator.


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