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How Twitter Video Add the Great Aftermath on Business?

Previously People use social media for entertainment only but the time has been changed and now these social media has become an important source of business. Where Mind-blowing pictures attract the 1st attention of customers so as the creative videos gives them the image of the brand.

Twitter is the suitable example of social media which has not only involved customer with the latest tweets but also has value in running video ads on its platform. The social media giant has announced for changing the way user post the video to Twitter. And according to the Twitter report, video tweets have increased by more than 50% since the beginning of the year 2016.




However the productive customer has demanded more from Twitter and as a result, Tweet videos duration has been increased. Previously Videos were restricted to only 30 seconds in length but from the latest update, you can create the video up to 140 seconds that is the duration of 2 min and 20 seconds. The additional feature has been also provided to selected publishers as they can continue to post videos up to 10 minutes long by using the professional tool.

Why add Twitter video in your Brand Advertisement?

If I particularly start writing the post for the above question then it would take your most of the time. Well, the brands need to deliver the proper message among the users and Twitter video ad appear within a feed environment with the sound off function to grab customer emotional attachment.

Have you noticed ever, you can play multiple videos at a single instance? Actually, it’s Twitter auto play feature which enables users to automatically play the videos by scrolling down their timeline. This could be the beneficial tactic for business to increase their visibility by posting more than one video at a time.




Research has shown that 90% of Twitter video views happen by mobile phone. A brand promoter video has the great chance to advertise their product in real time based mobile devices. Promoting ad with Twitter video allows you to get target specification, engaged customer, and massive traffic.

# Stepping towards Video Marketing

These days video marketing is on the high peak. And not only Twitter but other social media also uses the video ad to leverage their brands. It’s really working because the growth of the Twitter business has analyzed video ad delivers their complete message to the targeted customers.




# Video tweets would benefit the small business

Video creation is the source of expanding the detailed story for brands and businesses. The visual asset is the core which delivers the appropriate message to customers. For small businesses which really need to increase their visibility and rely on strictly organic posts, this feature would allow them to tell their story within the limited time duration. In the upcoming time, it would be much easier for those businesses as the longer videos equate to more success for the brand and huge engagement.





The more feature is being updated regularly so the people become quite choosy for adopting them with their business strategy. Twitter video ad feature won’t affect your business growth, moreover, it would make easier for you to grab huge engagement and other benefits. Make use of more Twitter video ads in your application and notice the growth of your business.

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