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6 significant Tips to Enhance Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing technique helps users to reach the larger audience on a single platform. It gives you 140 character to talk to your followers and build a connection. Twitter marketing does not end here there are much more to know about Twitter marketing. 

Twitter features help you to grow your accounts with the brain without investing much money. once you figure out how Twitter works, you will automatically find a path to enhance your business on Twitter.

In this article, I will talk about tools to get more out of your Twitter activities. I will let you know how to use Twitter to drive traffic for your business. 

Tips to Enhance Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter List

When my Twitter account starts growing I realized that I could not follow all the updates on Twitter which I wanted to. I use to miss the updates which are important. But when I come to know about Twitter List it helps me a lot. 

Twitter List for Twitter Marketing

Creating a Twitter List helps you to add people in List whose update you don't want to miss. 
Even you can use other people's list, subscribe to them and save yours time from creating the list. Using Twitter list marketers can create a various list of market influencers who can help them in growing their business on Twitter.

Analyse Twitter Account

On Twitter you have seen many accounts which is having tons of followers, it raises question in your mind that these accounts or followers are genuine or not. To know this check these account is added to any list not. Because Twitter has some limit in  following. Following right people for marketing on Twitter is always gain Traffic for your business. 

Target for Twitter Marketing

Are you looking for the people to connect on Twitter? Filter the list you love to be listed on. The list is a great starting point to target people on Twitter. You can follow people on that list. 

Twitter Favourite

Sometimes people have no time to explore their favorite tweet on Twitter. show how you will find them later? you can easily find these tweet by making them favorite. You can go to your own profile and tap on Favorites. All your favorite tweets will appear on the screen. 

Add Favorite for Twitter Marketing

Targeting Tweet with Location

To find tweet which is related to your business or on your interest. you can easily find them with help of Tweetdeck. This is an advanced tool which will help you to find the tweet on location based, engagement based or the by particular users. For eg- you can set a search query like
"Traffic geocode:32.670906,-79.393331,10mi

for the tweet about "traffic" in a 10-mile radius around japan (the geocode is of japan).
you can know answers all tweet that comes up in feed for your search term.

Twwetdeck For Twitter Marketing

Targeting keywords for Twitter Marketing

keywords help you to reach people on the base of keywords in search queries , recent Tweets and they recently engaged with. Keywords search will help you to reach people for whom your message will be important or his tweet will help you to learn more about Twitter marketing. This targeting option puts in a better position to drive engagements and as well as leads and conversion.


I hope you got some idea about Twitter marketing. you have to be creative to figure more way to optimize your Twitter marketing. 
Place your comment about Twitter marketing in a given comment box below.

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