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5 Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing

Through Twitter Network you can jump into a conversation at any time. It is a great tool for making conversations and engaging with them. Most of the time I see on Twitter, people mainly use it for sharing information instead of starting a two-way conversation. 

After a few years it started, Twitter launched features which are specially designed for the business person. These features help business persons to make a better connection and build a brand exposure. In this article, I will let you know about some five things which help you to make better strategies on Twitter for marketing.

Features to Improve Your Business on Twitter 

Use Advanced Search Options 

The advanced search options allow you to insert keywords that people would use in their conversation to find you or your business. For example, I search for people who are tweeting "digital marketing" it will show tons of results. It will help you to target audience who are showing interest in your product. You can easily find them and ask to connect and start building a relationship.

Twitter for Marketing

Tweet Frequently to Boost SEO for Your Business

On Twitter, tweeting often not only helps you to stay active but also to boost your ranking in online search. While tweeting always uses keywords related to your business. Use the reach phrase in your post as often as possible. If you are not getting your company name in Twitter handle then make sure to add in your Twitter Bio. Because you Bio on Twitter is public and using keywords such as your company name in Twitter Bio will help Google index content that's relevant to your business.

Use Twitter Marketing Tools 

Twitter marketing tools such as Twtdomiantor  are designed to handle your all activities from  a single application. The Tools’ features are so cunning that they will lift your business in a short span of time. This tool saves your time and money. If you are using Twitter for marketing you must add Twtdominator to you marketing Strategy. Twtdomiantor is the best Twitter marketing tool. 

Twitter for Marketing

Reach People from Your Mobile Phone

Mobile messaging become one of the best methods to reach your customer. The Twitter option will help you to send your tweet, receive notification on your mobile device as a text message. You don't have to sign up. Wherever you are even you having no internet connection you can easily post your tweets and give reply to your tweets through your mobile phone using the Twitter command. This method saves your time and helps you to stay connected with your customers.

Twitter for Marketing

Changing the Link headline of Your Post

Whenever you make a tweet or share a link of your blog on Twitter, Post it 10 to 20 time within a proper time-interval by changing the headline of your tweet. Twitter is excellent for ongoing live traffic so posting your tweet more than once will give you the better chance to get more exposure for your brands. Changing the headline of your tweet will attract different people. If you post it at a different time you can drive more people for your Business. 


Using Twitter for marketing will help you to discover your targeted market which you are searching for. Using Twitter correctly will help you to expose your brand and drive more traffic for your business.

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