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How Twitter Analytics Enhance Your Business on Twitter?

Twitter Analytics is one of the best tool launched by Twitter. Which gives the great transparency and measurement capabilities for users. Through this Tool users now have more insight into their Twitter account vertices, it helps them to use the Twitter account to their full potential. 

Through this article, I will let you know about the different facts of Twitter Analytics which help business person to enhance their business on Twitter. 

See Which Tweet Resound With Your Audience

For business on Twitter, it is important to know which type of content and topics attract most of the audience. This trick will help you to drive your social marketing and content marketing strategy. Because What's the point of sharing the content if no one cares about or enjoy?

You can view in Your Tweet tab about the impression, Engagements and Engagements Rates for different Tweet you have made for your product, both for paid and organic posts. Engagements include all the activity on the tweet made by you. Like  tweet: retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and all clicks on the tweet, link, hashtag, avatar, etc.


Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics Help You to Understand How People Interact With Your Tweet Over Time

This is a common question asked by the Business person when to Tweet on Twitter to get more engagement of the audience for their Tweet?
Twitter Analytics help you to analyze your Twitter followers and recommend the best time for you to tweet.  In Tweet Details view you can see the total number of impression by the audience for the first 24 hours.
Through Twitter Analytics you can observe the Tweet engagement graph falls as the time passes. Through this, you can identify which times is perfect to make Tweet.


Twitter Analytics

Get to Know Your Followers 

Twitter Analytics Followers tab contains all the information. Which help you to know about your followers.

This section contain some particular question like  Are your audience members more likely to be male or female? Which countries and cities are the majority from? and much more. Answering these question can help you better identify what content and how it should be created to share on Twitter so that you can get more engagement for your Tweet.
Through this feature, you can also see the followers of your followers as will as you follower's top five most unique interest.


Twitter Analytics

Determine How Effective is Your Twitter Ads

In Tweets tab, right at the top, there is a chart that gives the overview of your paid and organic tweet performance. When you will hovering over specific part will show you more precise numbers.

Just below the chart click on promoted to see your paid promotions in chronological order. This will help you to identify which paid Ads are working for you and which is not.


Twitter Analytics

See Where Your Followers are Increasing or Shrinking

Twitter Analytics helps you to determine whether your followers is increasing or shrinking. It will show you how many followers you had on any given date and hovering over the various point on the graph it will show the exact number of the following count on that particular day. This will help you to make the strong strategy to gain the number of followers for your Twitter page. 


Twitter Analytics

Over to You

Twitter is the huge platform for online marketing. Adding Twitter Analytics by Twitter make the way of doing business on Twitter easier. This features of Twitter give such data which is valuable for any business on Twitter. You can Export all these data to your system  hard disk in the form of excel sheet. 


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