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Twitter analytics: 4 Useful stats and Metrics for Business

We the social media user are the lucky bunch, not because of availability of multiple social media management tools but there are free tools provided by the social network themselves. Pinterest analytics, Facebook insights and now Twitter analytics.




The main motive of businesses is using social media to increase sales, customer engagements and driving business goals as well. But you need to know how to make your social media business productive. Twitter has incredibly put its importance on the digital market. To make your business appreciated by the great crowd, need to know the Twitter stats and metrics.

Need to Understand Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics are just free analytics platform which reports engagement of the tweets. This engagement includes with the number of links clicked, retweets, favorites, tweet impression and replies of your potential customer. Businesses can use the strategy with the data and evaluate whether their current marketing strategy is working or not and their tweets are reviewing by their potential customers or not.

After doing some research, I found the most useful analytic stats. Here are the 4 stats and metrics which can make growth on your Twitter business.

1: Enlist your follower’s interest

This analytic can increase your following as well. Twitter is all about to get followers and to get enrichment of data, you need to know the activity of your followers. Check your follower's interest whether it’s in technology, business & news, Tech news, politics and news, comedy, entrepreneurship or others. Try to give them the idea about those interest only and if you find any new stuff related to their interest, post it on Twitter.




2: Concerned on type of engagement

If you notice a particular post getting highly noticed that doesn’t mean all your post would perform the same. Check your posts are being liked or retweeted by the customers. A retweet can be a sign of value and likes can be a sign of appreciation. Well, both are the positive sign but you need to focus on those posts which give you huge engagement.




3: Tweet length vs. Engagement

This is diciest to know what the ideal length of a tweet is. Many people have asked me the same but I had not answer it. But I just need to say here, get noticed those tweets which are posted by top brands as they have huge followers and their stats could work better with you also. The impact of tweet length matters to get engagement.




4: Notice your most Significant shares

It happens much time, you forget to check the recent update of your previous shares. As you share the new post, you never check it back. Stop committing this mistake. Always check how many retweets and likes are there on your shared post. Judge among those shared posts and choose the best which has highly appreciated and got engagement. Refer the same strategy you attempted while sharing that post.





Twitter analytics provide the ways to enhance your Twitter marketing skills. You just need to find your most engaging tweets, gain knowledge about your audience, compare your tweets and determine which one is performing well. To make you ahead of others, we have a solution here. A Twitter marketing tool can help you in the best way. TwtDominator can make your business leverage by managing all those Twitter account related stuff. Is there any other tool you are using?

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