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How to Scrape Twitter Followers with User Names using TwtDominator?

Every marketer primary focus is to increase Twitter follower’s number because it will only make Twitter business account engaging. Unless and until marketer doesn't have followers in their account no strategy is going to favor them. There are lots of tip and tricks implementing which marketer can gain Twitter followers in bulk.

An Even marketer can gain followers with just one click by automating their Twitter account with TwtDominator. This is a very efficient software especially meant for managing Twitter business account and it can handle all the features of Twitter which are needed by marketers to boost up online marketing.

Automate Twitter account with TwtDominator


Now, let’s move on to the central part of this blog, where I will give ideas to use your own Twitter followers. Using this software, a marketer can easily scrape all details of followers via user names. Isn’t that a great feature for marketers? Once a marketer has all the details of active followers they can use it to target them for their business.

This powerful feature is not offered by any of Twitter marketing software. Marketers can directly target all their active followers and turn them into customers. Moreover, the easiest process to scrape followers simply with the username and all the important data will be stored in a file.

So, let’s have a look actually how TwtDominator can scrap Twitter followers with just usernames.

Scrape Users


Step 1: As marketer are willing to scrape their own Twitter follower’s details so that while targeting for business it would be helpful for them so, select Scraper option.

Step 2: Next select the Scrape user to get all the details of their followers. With this, the process of converting Twitter followers into customer goes up.

Step 3: In this Input section, marketer need to refine the process of scraping i.e., like whether you want to scrape details by keywords, username or even change the username into user id.  This option will help the marketer to reach the exact Twitter followers who have chances to be marketer’s customer.

Step 4: Here, you can browse the name of the user from a drop-down box, and specify the number of user’s details you want to scrape. This option lets marketer scrape details in bulk and without wasting much time and effort.

As it’s very important to reach only valuable and active followers so, you can refine those users and get their details to target them to your business.

Step 5: Scrape by keyword, this option can also be used where a marketer needs to give a proper keyword related to their business. And this software will scrape all the details of those followers whose profiles are related to that keyword.

Step 6: If you have selected the username to scrape, then in this step you can convert all those into user id. Or, you can directly browse username and convert them to user id as it is easy and effective to target followers with a user id.

Step 7: Finally, in submitting action, you can start the process of scraping by selecting start option or else you can cancel the process by selecting stop option.


Wrapping Words:

As marketers think that directly targeting is the best approach to get more profit but they won’t get the exact strategy or software to do it. For this reason, many marketers won't able to gain profit from the business even if they have very healthy follower’s list on Twitter. But, with TwtDominator marketing software, they can reach Twitter followers as per their wish and target them for their own business. Hence, to know more about Twitter marketing keep following our latest blogs and don’t forget to give us feedback.



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