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How to Run Twitter Contest Successfully?

All marketer have a common goal while marketing on Twitter, how to keep their business page engaging so that they can get more leads out of it. For that, every time marketers need to keep their business page active by posting regularly but, after that also pages don’t get that much of response so social media expert says to try out new and interactive activities on your pages to get organic engagements.

For any type of Twitter marketing, a marketer’s business page ultimately require followers and engagements. So to gain this, nowadays, marketers are implementing to organize contests in their Twitter business pages to promote their brand as well as get engagements and gain more followers.

In order to organize a content on Twitter also requires some strategies which should be followed by marketers else, this activity will also not help them to gain engagement or followers. The contest should be creative as well as funny so that it will drag maximum audience’s attention and force users to take part in your contest. The best advantage of running a contest on Twitter is it get more healthy engagement, gain followers and so on. Just with one activity, marketers can gain a lot of things which are especially required for online marketing.

Here, we collected few steps which marketers should follow to organize a Twitter contest in an interactive and engaging way.


#1: Find objective of your Contest:


Find objective of your Contest

Before starting a business, a marketer need to decide for what purpose they are organizing the contest, like whether to promote their brand or to gain more followers or to just get more engagements. Because for different activity, the nature of contest will be different. For example, if you want to just promote your brand you can organize a contest to take the best selfie with your brand and post in your business page which will promote your brand mainly and apart from that it will gain engagements.

#2: Select the type of Contest:

After deciding the objective of a contest, next is to find out the type of contest because as per that only it will affect the number of followers, engagements and response. If you are simply organizing a contest then you only require maximum retweet, but if you are going to take it to the next level of promotion then you need to organize such a contest where you can ask to upload photos or join question answer session.


#3: Target individuals as well as groups:


Target individuals as well as groups


Once you started your Twitter contest, start making it viral so that maximum audiences get a chance to know about your business. You can even target individuals as well as active groups with your contest so that, you can reach maximum audiences in less time.


#4: Keep attractive prize:

The winner prize plays a great role to organize Twitter contest successfully, unless and until you will make it attractive no Twitter users will participate in that. Keep the prize which is very much relevant to your product so that in the same phase it will promote your product too. You can even keep your product as a prize or give some holiday trip offer to make your contest successful.

#5: Track the response:  


Track the response


While organizing a contest, don’t forget to check the responses regularly. After checking responses, you can update your contest bit more so that you can improve the response by checking what is not favoring your Twitter contest. By checking the responses marketer can also know about audience’s expectation from your product, hence you can update it as per demand.


Final Words:  

There are so many social media platforms that are growing, and the audiences want new activities to give a respond. In Twitter, marketers are trying to do something different to get healthy engagements from users by organizing different type of contest. If you too want to organize a contest but without wasting much time and effort then you can do it with TwtDominator. This is the software which can automate your Twitter account’s features completely and help your business to gain followers with organic engagements by organizing innovative contest smoothly.


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