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How to Maintain Campaigns for Advertising?

Advertising is one of the promotional activity which is considered by the businessmen.  We all are well aware of the fact that how advantageous advertisements are. This is the best way to get success in a short time. 

So here I am present with one of such latest news how advertisers use this weapon to get success.

Latest News

The new Instant Unlock Card

You can term a campaign as a successful one when people are interacting and gossiping about your brand. To get the same, Twitter introduced the conversational ads.  The managed global advertisers are now able to use the conversational ads and also the new Instant Unlock Card. This encourages people out there to Tweet to unlock the exclusive content.


The new Instant Unlock Card

These formats are exclusive to Twitter and had made even easier for the consumers to get engaged and spread the message of brand’s campaign. This is the powerful way to extend your being on Twitter. It was observed that brands saw an average of 34% earned media rate. This meant that for every 100 paid impressions, an advertiser would receive 34 earned impressions. 

So how it works?

So how it works?

The main aim of this conversational ads are the images. These are the images which can be termed as the compelling images or the videos that are consist of call-to-action buttons along with the hashtags. The new Instant Unlock Card motivate users to Tweet by offering exclusive content after the Tweet is done.

As I had mentioned about the campaigns, this means that campaigns also play an important role in your marketing process. So let’s move into the features which can help you in maintaining your activities on campaigns. For this, I would like to introduce a tool which can prove beneficial for you that is TwtDominator. This tool has various features which can help you in gaining followers and generating leads for your product. But for now, I would discuss on campaign module.


Follow Campaigns


Follow Campaigns

This module will help you to follow various campaigns just by mentioning the campaign’s name. Then you can select the account, choose the option to load users to follow or scrape users to follow. You are also able to select groups then just schedule the time settings and click on save.

The next feature is retweet campaigns.

Retweet campaigns

Retweet campaigns

This module helps you to retweet campaigns. For this mention the campaign’s name, select your account, even can select groups, load retweet file, schedule time setting and when done click on start.

The next feature is tweet campaigns.

Tweet campaigns

Tweet campaigns
This module helps you to tweet campaigns. Mention the campaign’s name, select accounts, load Tweet message file, also can go for the option of scrape tweet, schedule the time setting and click on save.

Moving on to the last feature that is reply campaigns. 

Reply campaigns
 Reply campaigns

This module helps you to reply campaigns. For this mention, the campaign’s name, select your account, load users file, schedule time setting. You are also able to select groups and when you are done click on start.


Last Words

All the above features can help you in maintaining all your campaigns activities and you are able to make successful advertisement through campaigns. Hope now you can find it easy to maintain your campaigns and will use the advertising process properly. For other features can move on to the blogs on TwtDominator. 
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