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How to Improve your Advertisement Scores and Gain Profit with Twitter?

Are you using Twitter as the tool to grab traffic to your site? Then you are on the path to succeed. It would astonish you to know that about 313 million users are the monthly active users. 

If you consider my words, then there is no better advertising place then making it on Twitter. Are you still confused on my saying? Then let me convince you.

Why should you advertise on Twitter?


Advertise on Twitter

There are few objectives why you should consider ads on Twitter:
•    The users of Twitter are following brands so that they can get information about the discounts and all other free stuff.
•    It allows the advertisers to promote the brand awareness to the new and potential audience.
•    It recommends pay-per-follow concept so that to grow their followers for their future promotions.

These were some of the objectives why we should use Twitter for advertisement purpose. Moreover, there are about 1,30,000 active advertisers.

Now as per my topic, let’s move on to the ways, how to improve your results.

Try to make use of Twitter cards

If you are a regular Twitter user then you might have noticed that some of the Tweets stand out of the crowd. This is because some smart users had switched to the Twitter cards. Twitter cards avail you the facility to attach rich photos, videos, etc. to divert traffic towards your website. 

Try to make use of Twitter cards

There are few types of Twitter cards available.

App card: Which is used to promote application on the Twitter card and users are able to install the same from there itself.

Player card: This is used to promote video etc.

Summary card: This is to share the links which show the description, title, and thumbnail.
It is advised few times that there is no need to use the Twitter cards in your advertisement but if you go through the rules of thumb we should always include one because it will help you in improving the quality of  your scores.

Advertise so as to get the followers

Everyone is here to get followers, right? This is the only purpose of the crowd present online. There are many types of online ads. But many of us focus on particular type. For this, you are to focus on the images on which you are onto. It should mesmerize your viewers so that they can’t stop themselves at least to visit once. Also, it should not look spammy, this will kill their interest to learn more about you. 

Advertise so as to get the followers

The other thing which will help you in making engagements is to optimize your profile. The moment people click on your name they are able to see your profile picture, Tweets, descriptions.


Try to be selective

When you are making the tweets you need to be selective and calm. Everyone makes many Tweets, it is very difficult to judge that which Tweets will get engagements and which will not. Sometimes, you might not have received the actual engagement to Tweets this doesn’t mean that you should get demoralize and stop Tweeting. This can lead you to the feelings to not to spend money on them.

But instead of doing that you can test the Tweets by posting them to your account and then decide to use the best ones for your advertisement purpose or you can create the similar one. If you really want to know whether it seriously works or not, then click.


These were some of the tips by using which you are able to make your advertisement scores better and also you can gain profit from that. I had mentioned the links which will help you to decide what is best for you.

Hope you will consider the same and enjoy the results. You can also refer to various blogs on TwtDominator which will provide you the confidence that you are on the right track of advertisement. If you find this blog convincing and fruitful then please mention in the below comment. We will consider them and inspire ourselves to come up with more information.  


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