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How Twitter Lists Help You in Organizing Your Business Account?


Facing difficulty in monitoring your interactions with your targeted twitter users?

You want to organize your twitter account efficiently?

Come, let us discuss how to use the 'Lists' feature on the twitter. Keep reading this article to know more.

What a twitter list is:

You can list your priorities according to the requirement. You can create a list and add the people who come under the category. So that, you can easily follow their tweets and interact them immediately.

Especially for business, it is a much needed feature. They have to deal with so many targeted users. They have to follow and keep in touch with so many twitter users. They can simply organize their twitter account for their business purposes.

How can you create a list?

You can find the option lists by clicking on your twitter avatar. In the right-hand sidebar, click on the create a new list. Follow the UI and fill the details like name of the list and a small description of your list. You can also set privacy for your list. You can make it visible to only the people you follow or your followers or all the twitter users who see your profile. Finally save your list.


If you want to add someone to or remove from the group, just go the persons profile and click on the settings. There you can find an option Add or remove from lists. Now, add the person to the respective group you suppose to join him.

Well, you have create your twitter lists. But still doubt on captivating the lists? Here we are presenting the things you can get from the lists on twitter.

#1 Oversee your competitors

In business, it is necessary to know your rivals' activities. In the digitalized world, it is important to know their social media activities on twitter and facebook etc. You may have the email ids and twitter profiles of your rivals. You might be following each other.

You have to give high priority to their tweets. You need to refer to their tweets thoroghly. In this case, these twitter lists help you to have a glance at your competitors easily. When you are planning for something, you have to know what others have done in the same situation a few days ago. You cannot search manually. Using lists feature will facilitates you to see their tweets easily.

#2 Trck your industry leaders

You may wish to keep track of the leaders of your respective industry. Their tweets should be organized such that you can get them whenever you want them. Sometimes, you may want to send messages to some particular people at a time. You need not search for all the profiles. You can keep a list for them and can do so.

When you wish to be the first to respond to the tweets of your gurus, you can do this with the help of the lists features.

#3 Follow more leaders and brands

You may not be following all the brands or leaders of your industry. But, your competitiors can follow them. You can see the lists of your competitors and know what they are following. If it is useful, you can follow the same.


#4 Follow the relevant technology and news

Add the top brands and the websites that give you updates about the current trends. You can get the information only that is needed for you. You can get out of all other stuff that distract your attention.

#5 Engage with your aquaintances

You can add all your aquaintances and employees to a list. So that, you can enagage with all of them. It gives a chance to your employees to know each other well. You can tweet for your employees. You can retweet to their posts. This helps you to maintain good relations with your staff.

#6 Organise your events and follow blogs

If you are to conduct an event, you can create a list for that also. You can add people whom you want to invite to the event. You can send invites to all of them at a time. You can also follow your favorite blogs. You can get fast updates and feed from the blogs.


From all that said, it is known very clearly that using the lists is really helpful to organise a business twitter account. You neeed not worry about remembering the people or events or blogs that you suppose to follow.


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