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How to scrape the followers or followings of any Twitter user?


Twitter is undoubtedly a flourishing world of billions of people who’re spreading out their brand’s message irrespective of their market niche.

In the today’s business world, the most crucial part of any business is their customers.  They are the ones who will buy or use the brand’s offered service or product. Their satisfaction and opinions are of worth and of utmost value.

Online marketing is the best and most effective way to make your brand noticed to the largest possible crowd, no matter where they live, in which corner of the world. If social media marketing done properly, it would give you the opportunity to reach and target the audience in such a way that gives a completely personal touch. Social media marketing is very much effective as it is interactive, and one of the best ways to get noticed in this cut-throat competitive world is with Twitter marketing.

Twitter as A Marketing Tool

Twitter is a platform that’s something much more than merely instant messaging. It is rapidly turning as an amazing communication, viral marketing, and customer service tool.

Many people today are recognizing the great perks of using Twitter as a powerful marketing tool. Its presence on the web lets businesses to speak to a big variety of people for absolutely free and at the same time gives them the flexibility to insert a link in the text which has boundless marketing benefits.

So, do you want to scrape Twitter Followers of any Twitter user for getting information like their username?

Let’s say that you want to send out a tweet to all the followers of Guy Kawasaki as you have something good on offer that these people may find useful and interesting. So, how can you do this task in a quick and efficient way? Scraping Twitter accounts is indeed very cost-effective and best way to get the information you actually need for reaching out the targeted audience and customers.

Why should I scrape Twitter followers of my Competitor or other User?


If you want to spread the word about your brand or offered products and services, there can be nothing better than leading social networking such as Twitter. And surely for good reasons, because, on the social network, you can easily and directly stay in contact with existing customers, approach potential, customers, suppliers, partners, journalists, and even investors.  

There are many social media tools and apps available in the market, but it’s really hard to remain on the top and know which tool can really help you in becoming the best.

TwtDominator is a twitter marketing tool that assists you in managing the overall marketing campaign.

TD HD LOGO What is the use of data that I’ll scrape from Twitter?

So your next question probably will be what you can do with this scraped data. The advantage is that you can do whatever you want and TwtDominator doesn’t limit you in analyzing or transforming the information. You can make use of the scraped data from your competitors or any users, to use it for your benefit. Like, you can target your market more perfectly and precisely if you have some useful data regarding who is your competitor’s fan, their demographic, location, etc.

How to scrape the followers or followings of any user of Twitter?

With TwtDominator, you can easily scrape the followers or followings list of any Twitter user within minutes.

TwtDominator has an option “Scrape User”, where you can scrape followers/followings of a Twitter user by giving his or her Twitter username.

Scrape UserChoose followers and/or followings you want to scrape.

You can also give the no. of users to be scraped.

Set the delay and threads and click on Start.

Scrape User

Under the Logger, once the process will be completed you’ll be notified “Process Completed”. It’ll also tell you the exact path where the.CSV file will be stored so that you don’t face any hassle for finding the scraped data file.

The .CSV file will have all the followers and/or followings list which can be used further to benefit your business.


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