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How to retweet and Favorite for the tweets?

Twitter-Blog What is TwtDominator?

TwtDominator is a marketing campaign tool that allows you to target potential leads from Twitter in any particular niche very precisely. You just need to specify which keywords you want to search for and what kind of people you want to engage with. For instance, you could look for people who Tweet about “gadgets" and have “editor” in their Twitter profile. 

How well TwtDominator will work for me?TD HD LOGO For the majority of the time, this tool will get you good results. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on what it is you're promoting with the tool, and how engaging your Twitter account already is. Having an interesting and active Twitter account with regular updates will synergize with TwtDominator far more effectively than a stale account promoting something boring.

The best thing to do is to give it a try and find out how amazing TwtDominator can be not only for an auto retweet and auto favorite for the tweets but for all the necessary Twitter activities required to make your campaign or brand successful on Twitter.

For whom is TwtDominator designed and why would I use it?

TwtDominator is aimed at individuals and companies that want to supercharge their Twitter follower growth rate and website referrals. We are especially favored by startups, Twitter-based parody/fan accounts, app and software developers, YouTube and Twitch streamers, DJs and other content producers, online stores, and marketers. If your business has a strong online element then TwtDominator is for you.

Why Should I Schedule Retweet and Favorite?


Scheduling is the best feature that TwtDominator offers and the reason is quite simple. With the help of this feature, one can easily schedule their retweets and favorites. With this feature, one can show their timely activity in Twitter and the fans or followers will come to know that Yes, the user is active on Twitter and it’s a positive sign. With the help of scheduling retweets, the follower will know that you’re following his posts. The auto favorite feature will help you to automatically mark some favorite users, on the basis of interest and following. This is a useful catalyst in your Twitter marketing.

How to retweet and Favorites using TwtDominator?

In TwtDominator, you have options for Retweet and Favorite in which you can schedule retweeting and favoriting of tweets.


If you want to retweet/favorite any particular tweet then you can enter its URL in Retweet/Favorite.

And if there are numbers of URLs you want to schedule, then you have to upload the file with the URLs.23Choose whether you want to retweet or favorite or do both.4You can also opt for using Private or Public proxies. Also, you can delay the scheduling process in seconds to make the process look more natural.

Click on Start to begin scheduling the activity.5Once the process is completed, you will be notified in the Process Logger section.6TwtDominator takes all your responsibilities related to Twitter activities and letting you invest your valuable time in other vital work. Stay Tweeting with TwtDominator!


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