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How to Make Multiple Posts on Twitter Using Twtdominator?

Twitter is known for its short message services. Many business person are using Twitter for their business purpose due to its upgraded features. But most of them don’t know how to make stony marketing strategies to gain followers.


So in this article, we will discuss how TwtDominator is the product that helps you gaining maximum attention of people toward your product in a short period of time.


Twitter Lists are more important for business people. Because it helps you connect with people or fans who will surely show their interest in your products. A business person has to handle multiple Lists for stronger advertisement of their product. So they connect with the different list or create their own list for marketing purpose. But handling multiple posts on a different group is difficult manually.


So to make your work fast, you can use TwtDominator. This tool will help you to make your post more effectively on different Twitter Lists and that will engage your fans with your post.  Some of the cunning features of TwtDominator and how to use it is given below.

This guide will help you to make the best content post and help you to gain more followers for your product.


How to make auto post with TwtDominator?


Scheduling of post can save your lots of time. Guideline for setup your Twitter post plan with TwtDominator.


1. You have to click on twt blater option on your dashboard.




2. First of all make sure your system zone schedule match your time zone.  

According to when your followers are most active, you can schedule your post. Set up your post according to weekdays and weekends. It depends on you when you make post even you can do experiment with your post and check out which post get more attention.


3. The buffer will help you to identify the best time for making a post. On the schedule page when you will scroll down you will get timing tool. This timing tool will help you to fix the time for your post and it will be posted on the fixed time that you make for each post.


4. You can also specify how many posts you want to make per day


5. And after that click on start button.


This all step for making post on your timeline now we will move to next step that is


How to make multiple retweet and tweet on different Twitter Lists?

retweet to multiple lists using TwtDominator


1. For making multiple tweets and retweets on multiple Lists. You have to click on campaign option after that box will appear in that you can make your own campaign or group for your product.


2. For making multiple post on different campaign you just have to write the name of your group or campaign. Select time for each tweet and save it. The Same tweet will be posted on different group or list.


Different tweet for different group using Twtdominator


1. Click on tweet camping for making different tweet for different group or lists.


2. For making different tweets in different group or list you have to write the tweet and select the load tweet message file.


3.Select the schedule time setting option which will help you to make different tweet on different time on different group.


4. Your all post will be saved on campaign details. Clicking on details you can make the change on tweets according to your need.


This tool will help you to engage your users even when you are busy with different stuff. It will help you to bring traffic to your product page.


How to make the reply to your post in different list or group?


Making reply on a different group will take lots of time and energy and opening every list manually is not possible. So TwtDominator features will rescue you.


make multiple reply using Twtdominator


1. In the above fig, you can see that there is an option Reply Campaigns. Clicking on this option will help you to make a reply on a different group for different post posted by your followers.


2. You have to only select the time and group name and save it. It will automatically post on the different list according to its fixed time.




TwtDominator will help you to save time by scheduling your post for different lists or group. It also helps you to share your post with your followers in a short period of time. It scheduling process will help you to make your fans engaged with your content. And will drive traffic for your product.


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