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How to Make Money Using Twitter?

Twitter is one of the largest social media networks that permits you to prompt your thoughts and ideas in 140 characters. Twitter has nearly 310 million users in and around the world. People use based on their requirement such as journalist use to halt news stories, celebrities use to acquire more popularity, and business use twitter mainly to connect with their customers in order to promote their products to make money using twitter platform.



Make- Money- Using -Twitter



Twitter is one of the utmost valued assets in today’s social media marketing world. If you have the decent following, fascinating and valuable products then surely twitter is the ultimate social media platform that assists marketers to make huge money of it.

Let us take a look at how to make money using twitter

Twitter undoubtedly turns into a tech start-up through an uncertain prospects and user base for revenue. Numerous business and individuals have thoroughly joined the power of social media network like twitter in order to generate new revenue prospects. Below mentioned are some of the unique ways that assist you to make huge money on twitter.

Sell products

Business should surely remember that that people won’t buy anything until and unless they find a call to action. One of the ideal ways to sell your products on twitter is to implement the effective marketing strategies such as spur spending, discounts, and promotions. 


Sell- products- using- twitter


Business will find huge success in daily deals and also in other simple marketing practices that suit well with twitter to make money. Ensure that you are not devastating your twitter with forceful selling.

Let us take a look at some companies which are using twitter platform for prompting their products:


JetBlue- airways -using- twitter

JetBlue airways using twitter to offer their services to customers through twitter. They show on their brand page that they are using twitter as a platform for customer service.


Whole- foods- using- twitter


Whole foods also using twitter which succeeded in promoting their business with nearly 2.6 million followers. They gain huge followers by sharing various recipes, retweeting and replying thus they serve their customers with value information. Their ultimate goal is to increase their sales using twitter

Discover new leads

Marketers should be thank twitter for its awesome search engine tool, you can simply try to find potential clients depending on their bios and what people are tweeting.    


Discover- new -leads

Assume that you are selling keyboard, you can discover new leads by searching with the keyword like “Wish I had a keyboard like this” or “Need a new keyboard” from there you can simply tweet the individual and let the target people know about promotions you are doing on keyboards. You can also offer some codes to attract people towards your business.  

Use Sponsored Tweets

The interesting thing over here is, you can charge huge business for your own tweets with the help of sponsored tweets, you can find your sponsors who will offer money to tweet in favor of their products. 

At present most of the celebrities have included twitter as one of the significant ways to generate few extra currencies. By sending the tweets that promote products of the specific sponsors celebrities gain nearly $10,000 per each tweet. People with huge followers can easily generate can generate bugs by delivering promotional tweets. inorder to increase your followers list you can use tool like twtdominator which assist you to generate immense traffic and followers to your account taht helps you to offer promtional tweets to gain more money.






Let us take a look at some celebs who are earning from the advertisers:

•    Khloe Kardashian earns nearly $9,110 per each tweet.

•    Audrina Patridge, MTV’s star makes nearly $2,610 per each tweet.

•    Jackee Harry, actress earns $330 per tweet.

•    Boston Rob makes nearly $150.50 per tweet.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing includes generating required leads for sellers who eventually generate a sale to the particular referral sent by you. In return, affiliates get the finest percentage of the income generated or offering them an ultimate customer. 


Affiliate- Marketer


Many partnership marketing lists can be useful to twitter, but some merely work better on this twitter platform when compared to others set the way in which tweets are spent. Affiliate marketing is greatly effective when you have a blog or website to direct the traffic.


Run a Twitter Contest

On the off chance that you have enough followers on Twitter, you can connect with those clients through prize-driven challenges. Contact nearby organizations that are searching for advertising opportunities and offer to hold a challenge on Twitter with their services or products as prizes.


Twitter- Contest


To profit, charge the desired percentage depending upon the number of followers who draw in with the challenge. To generate money with this technique, arrange an offshoot program with the organizations to track new clients came to through the challenge.


Thus twitter offers many such ways to generate huge immense money with your twitter account, which also includes offering directly sponsored tweets, marketing banner ads, charging money in order to send prompting messages to your followers. Thus one can make huge money using twitter.     


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