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How to Generates lead for Business on Twitter Through TwtDominator?

When it was first created, Twitter was designed mostly for individuals. It was a place for people to share succinct versions of their thoughts and ideas with the world.

As it grows its popularity multiple of brand jumped on the board for their product advertisement. it's become a go-to platform for engaging with fans and increasing brand exposure. A brand that uses stony marketing strategy and sees a lot of success on Twitter.

So the question arise how to make your brand popular and gain more traffic for your product?

Many of you having the answer but don't know how to apply it. So, for the better results we need guidance.

In this article, I will let you know about TwtDominator, the best Twitter marketing tool which helps you uplifting your business to a different level of success and all this will happen on your figure touch.

Twtdominator is a secured application which helps you in every step of your marketing on Twitter. It is made in such a manner that any kind of business person can use it for their product advertisement on Twitter. You don't have to spend much,  only  a few coins can make your dream comes true.

Let's see the advanced features of TwtDominator and how they work and helps you making strong marketing strategy.


  • Create group

As a business person on Twitter group play a vital role in lead generation for the product. This module of TwtDominator will help you to create the group in the different account of a Twitter at the same time. This will save your time and help you to gain followers for your product. Let's follow the step for using this module.

create group

Step 1: click on account section on your dashboard, following option will appear as shown in the above picture
Step 2: click on create group option on your left-hand side of the page.
Step 3: enter the group name in the given box.
Step 4: click on select all account button to for selecting the account in which you want to add the group.
Step 5 : click on add for the result.

  • Tweet camping

Engage your followers in the group will help you to gain more traffic for your product and increase your product demand on Twitter. But every business person  has not that much time to tweet on the different group about the product. So this module of Twtdominator will make your work effortless.


Only you have to do few click and tweet will be done on the different group in no time.

Step 1: click on camping tab on your dashboard.
Step 2: select the camping name in which you want to make a tweet.
Step 3: select account name through which you want to make a tweet.
Step 4: select group in which you want to tweet about the camping.
Step 5: click on load tweet message file and load the message you want to tweet.
Step 6: you set time for tweet also by clicking on schedule timing setting.
Step 7: click on save for the result.

This few step will keep your followers engage with your tweets for the camping. And will help you to make your product page active. 


When you make a tweet on Twitter it is not necessary that everyone reads your tweet. And whatever the tweet you make it is important for your product advertisement and you want to make them read by your followers. For that, you retweet it again it kill your time.

So this module of Twtdominator will help you to make auto retweet you don't have to sign in and sign out from your account. You have to follow few steps.


Step 1: click on Tweet tab on your dashboard.
Step 2: click on auto retweet option as shown in the above figure.
Step 3: load the tweet you want to retweet.
Step 4: select the number of time you want to make retweet.
Step 5: click on start for the result.


Marketing on Twitter needs creative mind. Adding TwtDominator in your Twitter marketing strategy will help you to generate a lead in your business on Twitter. This application is secured and help you to earn money by investing few coins.


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