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How to Download and Use TwtDominator

“TwtDominator” is an efficient and powerful Twitter marketing software for online marketers. It helps to automate the process of Twitter marketing with ease. You can easily make money with the help of TwtDominator. You could easily extend your followers on your TwtDominator page and manage it properly. It helps to schedule your post as the time and day required by you and drive traffic to your site and blog. 

1] Features of the software

There are some of the important and productive features offered by this software to boost your marketing process.

a)      Manage accounts
b)      Follow and Unfollow the users
c)     Tweets and Retweets
d)      Friend Adder
e)      Scrape Users
f)       Follow Campaigns
g)      Supports IP Proxies
h)      Automatic Captcha

2] Operating system it supports

  It works ON both Windows and Mac systems. But, both have a different version. You could download it from the download library.

3] Where to get the Pricing, Support and Training details?

Below are the links to find out Pricing, Support and Training details:









For Skype support: Twtdominatorsupport for any questions / 24*6 help.

4] How to download the installer?

 Before downloading, you need to follow few steps.
·         Open the link http://dominatorhouse.com/members/ in your browser

=>Login with your ID 

=>Click on Support 

=>Click on download section 


=>Select your desired product and click it

Select your desired products

=> Finally click on download file

Download file

·         After the download is completed, double-click on the installer to continue with the installation process

 3 steps to do the installation
i) By clicking on “Next Button”
ii) Choose the installation path
iii) Install the software “TwtDominator”
 You can also find out the video from this URL: 



5] License of the software:

To get the license of the product visit: http://dominatorhouse.com/members/clientarea.php
Then follow the below simple process:
Click on the services=> Select the product that you have purchased=> You will receive a license key=> Put that key in the software=> Press the “Validate button

Finally, start your software for use.

To reissue license of your software

One license key is issued for one system only at once. If you are willing to change your system then you need to ask to reissue the license key. You can easily reissue your license from our “Client Area” http://dominatorhouse.com/members/clientarea.php . There will be no manual interference from our side.

Log in to your account=> Go to Services => Click on your product/service => Choose your license key and press Reissue.

In this way, you will get a license key to use the product in another system.

6] Use of “Proxies” with the Software

 The software provided by us is friendly with any kind of proxies, it can be private or public. However, we suggest you should use private proxies. It is difficult to find proxies provider but we will recommend you to get proxies from http://www.pvadomination.com/proxies/
Format of the proxies:

The format of http private proxies is proxyip:proxy port:proxy username:proxy password.
Format for http Public proxies is proxyip:proxy port

 Note: Whenever you try to run other features with the other than Proxy Checker it won’t work. The proxy we provide you attached to the network, you can check it by opening any website with it. Some proxies can get blocked by the website too.

7] An overview of TwtDominator 3.0 software:

Learn it from the below video URL:



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