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How to Be Everywhere through Twitter Automation Magic

twitter automation When advertising your business you will have abundant of ends to meet. Your aim must be always to make your marketing campaigns systemize in a way that their overall success is repeatable and the procedure can be done easily by everyone. And though you will never want to do the same work again and again you should execute the different systems and processes that will help you to automate the operational and technical parts of your overall marketing efforts as much as possible.

1. Automate Lead Generation, At Least A Little Bit

Automating the lead generation process can be like a dream come true for all business. This pace is the one where usually manual labor is needed. But the process can be systematized that is needed to go through for creating a new landing page in your page or lead generation campaign and test it so that it is almost automated to give you extra hours for your other important work.

Reduce your time spent from the first campaign idea to a finished landing page by using tools that allow you implement quickly and change settings with ease. Blog-30 In order to test out ideas for landing pages and their variations, you can use tools like Unbounce or LeadPages to create a landing page from an idea within minutes and implement it without any programming knowledge. With their built-in analytics, you can easily see what works and what doesn’t.

On the backend, you will need some kind of email marketing automation tool that lets you automatically segment your leads depending on the source.

2. The Best of Automated Marketing – Perfect Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the most powerful but mostly overlooked marketing tactic that can be automated to almost 100%. It seems like everybody knows that having a newsletter is important. But what about an automated series of emails that give the recipient value, draw him closer to your brand and eventually make him buy your product?

You will keep potential customers engaged and informed over a period of weeks or months without any extra investment of your time, 100% automated.

Services like MailChimp can be used by anyone without any technical knowledge; self-hosted tools like sendy need some technical knowledge to set up but are a lot cheaper.

mailchimp-logo 3. Automate You Twitter Activities and Appear Everywhere

Like with any other marketing efforts you need to find the right balance between automation and manual engagement with your customers. In order to create an efficient social media marketing process, you need to have the right automation tools.

You need to set up an automated system so that you do not need to post your tweets to twitter daily or several times in a day. Instead, you should use a tool like TwtDominator that lets you post to twitter even if you are busy. TwtDominator is designed especially to automate your twitter marketing efforts within clicks so that you can focus on other important works. TD-HD-LOGO

The rest of the time you will need to monitor your twitter and other social media activities, which can also be automated pretty easy. There are several tools to manage your social media analytics. With tools like SocioBoard Core where you can monitor all your unfollowers, you can easily get insights into you social media campaigns without doing any manual analyzing.

Using TwtDominator, you can unfollow the followers who are not following you back, making your twitter list clean.

4. Active Customer Communication in a Fraction of the Time

Communicating with your customers is a vital but time-consuming task. There are however processes that you can implement which streamline customer communication. You will still need to actively communicate with you customers, but will be able to do it in a fraction of the time and have time for other important thingsBellCurve.  

An extensive and regularly updated FAQ section on you website will also save you a lot of typing and trouble.

5. It Does Not Stop With the Campaign – Automate You Analytics

In order to fully automate your marketing efforts, you will also need to have an automated analytics process. For many tasks, a combination of Google Analytics can be used. By creating custom events for your relevant tasks, you can get a fully automated report for every landing page or email campaign that you send out.socioboard logoYou can also try SocioBoard Core to keep an eye on the analytics. Start setting up your marketing machine today to reap the benefits in the time to come.


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