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How to Avoid Rate Limit Error in Twitter while using Twtdominator?

This is the question I am being asked repeatedly, so I want to give an audience what actually it is, what can be done about it, why it exists.   

Twitter fixed a limit on a number of times its API can be used in an hour in order to switch the use of twitter API. The limit can be applied to your account besides the apps that make calls to API. 

What is Twitter's Rate Limit?

Twitter applies a rate limit for all 3rd party applications which limit the count of twitter API requests that can be achieved from an application for each and every user account. API request can be considered as a single twitter operation, for example sending the tweet or refreshing time line. 




In general, the rate limit differs based on the type of task being done, and resets for every 10- 15 minutes. Such as twitter licenses a nearly 15 tome line refreshers for each and every 15 minutes. 

If you unable to get new tweets, this indicates that you surely exceeded your twitter limit in 15 minutes 

What one can do?

Are you thinking how to use twitter. Then you can use the tool like twtdominator for your business interactions that you can tweet easily and if you come across limits then you can simply start checking your particular tweet stream on your website.  


So what one can do in order to avoid the rate limit errors on twitter. Twtdominator is the tool that would surely assist you to reduce the risk.  
•    Always try to run single twitter application, ensure to close the other applications which you are currently not using.  

•    Avoid using refresh button which cost 3 to 4 call per every click. 

•    You can lower the total percent in the following setting window.

What twtdominator means to you?


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This tool helps you to reduce the number of twitter call per hour for example, for example, your app makes 350 calls per hour then the number is reduced to go 60 per hour. In case if you exceeded your limit, twtdominatror alerts you to get checked your twitter website. 



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