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How Removal of the Twitter Share Count have affected the Marketers and What can you Do to Compensate it?

twitter-hearts-and-stars.0.0Social media sites are constantly updating and tweaking their services. In a current update, Twitter social media network has excluded the share count option from the tweet buttons which has greatly affected the marketers and also the bloggers. In this post, you can view the changes are made on what grounds and how it has affected content sharing immensely.

Let's have a look on this scenario in details:

Know Twitter's new share button:


This change is not at all a major change over the previous share button, it's just the same apart from the change of color of the button. It is basically like a cosmetic change over the share option.

Then what is the factor which is affecting the marketing businesses?

Well, it is the share count option which has been eliminated from the Twitter share button. This change has been introduced in 6th October.

Here is the updated share button without share count option-Untitled-3For many people, it will look like a minor change which is not at all effective but the prominence of share counting was huge for the marketers which help them in analyzing the performance of their social media posts and also to do content marketing with taking the support of the advertising the most shared post on Twitter.

Is Tweet share count worthy for Twitter sharing activity?

Let’s decide whether the elimination of the share count from Tweet sharing option has affected the Twitter sharing activity or not?Screenshot_3According to a test conducted by Shareaholic, after elimination of Tweet share option the rate sharing activity is reduced by around 11.28 percent. This data sharing declination not only affects Twitter sharing but also affect other social media site sharing called Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest sharing.

What does Twitter share mean to publishers?twitter-killed-share-counts-featuredThe Twitter share button is identical with different websites and blogs. With the usefulness of Twitter sharing feature, Twitter has developed its popularity over social media network. The prime advantage blog advertisers were getting from Twitter share option is- tweet sharing was supplying them a  way to effortlessly do the content promotion work and to improve the online reputation of the organization.

Is it possible to advertise social validation without Twitter share count, if yes what is the best way to do this?share-button-twitterIt has been a common mindset of people that if a social media post is getting sharing repeatedly, then the post must be a proficient one. Hence, in case you can not see how many numbers of shares the post is getting you can not decide which post is worthy enough, hence, it is a major drawback for the blog publishers which will create a barrier in their content promotional work.

Thankfully, there is a way to show your social proficiency which can easily promote the blog posts without using the share count option.

Embed Tweet sharing option:Screenshot_10 TwtDominator software is developing an embed tweet sharing feature which can show you the exact number of likes and retweets your tweets are getting. It will completely help you in replacement of the social validation which has been declined by the removal of Tweet share button.


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