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How Do I Promote My Products On Twitter Using TwtDominator?

Selling a software service is same as selling anything else. Just like other products you need to promote that product. You have to choose a field which gives you a number of customers and at which you can introduce your product in a better way. Seeing these conditions, we can take social websites as the best marketing platforms. On Twitter, you want to find some insisters and make sure that you should reply, comment and follow their posts. Be aware of your target customers what they want.

There is no doubt that Twitter contains more than 313 million users and has become the best marketing tool for business today. Many software are available for better promotion of products on Twitter. But how confident are you of obtaining the best result? Well, for your questions we have answers and definitely, we'll give you the best among all.

Some Casual Ways to Promote Your Product:


  • Complete your profile
  • Don't buy followers
  • Focus on type of your tweets (It should be impressive)
  • Interact a lot
  • Use tools
  • Be personal

We use much software for the promotion of a product. Many people get confusions about what to use and what not to. If you ask me, I got the best solution for your problem. We have introduced a software which will solve your problem and will help you in your product promotion. That software is named as "TwtDominator".It is the best twitter marketing tool and software. These can be done automatically and manually by TwtDominator without wasting any time.


Why TwtDominator?

TwtDominator is a software which targets your needs. You can connect directly with customers. You can spread your message and you can do much more things to achieve your goal.


What Will You Get If You Use TwtDominator?

  • You can manage multiple accounts.
  • You can enhance your followers.
  • Can reply to your tweets given by others.
  • Can unfollow those users who aren't following you back.
  • Can follow your all followers in a single click.
  • Can automate your Twitter activity.
  • Can change your user id, password and other things related to your Twitter account.

If the number of followers increase, then definitely more will know about your product and the more your product will be promoted. So to promote your product, first, you should increase the followers. So,


Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers using TwtDominator:


Follow a number of people:

You can able to gain more followers by spending some time with your friends, fans, followers and mutual friends. If you will follow a number of people then they may be interested in your tweets. So that many people may be interested in your Twitter profile and this may be beneficial for you in order to promote your product.




  • Click on the grow followers option to follow.
  • For the further process choose the options provided as per your desire.
  • That is in which way you want to follow, just click on that as you are getting various options.
  • Then set the delay and threads.
  • Then the process is completed in just single clicks that click on start.


Get more number of Retweets:

Always try to get a number of retweets. The twitter user is interested in retweeting only when your given information about the product is impressive.





  • Click on the twt blaster option.
  • Then it’ll show you some other sub-options of it.
  • Click on retweet option.
  • After that choose in which way you want to retweet.
  • Then mention the number of retweets to be done from each account.
  • Finally click on the start button.


Auto direct messages:

Auto direct messages means some messages can be sent automatically by the help of TwtDominator software. You might have to give many feedbacks. So for this reason only, TwtDominator help you to reply all the messages automatically and in a better way, for which you can save time.


Direct Message



  • Click on txt message module.
  • Then choose the inputs as per required.
  • Then mention the number of messages to be sent from each account.
  • Then set the threads and delay and finally click on start.


Scrap new Twitter users:

Scrap users from names, keywords and get a hashtag trending easily.


Scrape User



  • When you will click on the scraper button, you will get the options to choose in which way you’ll scrape your user.
  • After that, you need to mention the minimum and maximum tweets. Then mention the number of user scrape per username or keywords.
  • Now for the final step set the delay and threads and then click on start.



Thus, TwtDominator plays a vital role in increasing your followers in Twitter. It allows you to message which are important to your targeted audience for your business. We are giving you the best software for the promotion of your product. By using this TwtDominator, you can do the above automatically without wasting any time. To get more ideas and information about our product you can visit our site:  http://www.twtdominator.com/.  and please share your feedback with us.



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