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How can I follow multiple people in Twitter by using keywords?



Twitter is another social networking platform for rapidly spreading out your words to your followers dwelling in different parts of the world. Like any other social media, people like you to follow them and for many users who like to automate their Twitter profile, it’s a good practice to use features call Twitter Follower offered by TwtDominator to maintain ratio. In short, this Twitter web tools start following the Twitter follower according to keywords or the profile username as entered by you.

To get numbers of people to follow you back on Twitter is really a very big concern for many members new to Twitter. For the online marketer, if you have no followers, then you will not get the traffic to make the sales you require.


The new people are more likely to suffer from this and ponder how to do it successfully. To begin, find veteran tweeters in the niche that you are promoting and start following their followers, especially those with large followings. The reason being, many of those people will reciprocate and start to follow you.

This will be time-consuming if you have to do it manually. People are normally busy and cannot put the time in that is necessary to build up a large following.

There are many very effective tools that have been developed to aid the marketer in this aspect of building followers and simplifying their marketing processes online. TwtDominator automatically follows people based on your set guidelines such as by keywords relating to your niche, by so doing you will only be following people who speak your business language and promote products same as or complimenting yours. This is an excellent way to build your list with the right kind of people.


Your Twitter list will get really huge with time and the bigger it is, the faster it will continue to grow. Twitter’s most popular members tend to just get flocked to in sheer numbers very fast and you will be on some of these lists and this is a great advantage to you in terms of more traffic, sales and profits.

How can I follow multiple people in Twitter by using keywords?

You can add multiple number of Twitter accounts in the TwtDominator. And using a single dashboard you can operate all the accounts hassle-free. You can follow multiple twitter accounts in your numbers of accounts all at once.

In TwtDominator, under Follower option, in single follow you have  to choose Follow Keyword Search.

In Follow by Search Keywords, you have to upload a text file including the particular keywords you want to follow.

There will be some targeted keywords in the Twitter profile, upload it and the other profiles that have exactly the same keywords in their profile will get followed.

You can restrict the number of accounts to be followed through Follow by per Account option.

Once you Start the process, all the twitter profiles with the uploaded keywords will be followed instantly.

As an online marketer, your followers are not yet your customers, they are only potential customers, therefore you must start and create a solid relationship with all the people who are now friends (follow you & you follow) a made to order business model.

Now, to bring home the bacon, you must have and promote with foolproof effective marketing strategies. Learn to use Twitter effectively and your business will flourish making you many thousands of dollars each month. At present, there are some very savvy marketers who are using Twitter to do just that and more without much effort and you can learn to do the same.


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