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How a Mobile App Company Boost its Tweet Engagement by Tweet Campaign?

Twitter users love to watch and share fascinating and unique content, connect with others and take part in enthusiastic interactions outside their direct circles. This is considered to be an enthusiastic way to boost brand awareness, make followers and build advocates for your business. 

In this blog, I would like to share my success story in Twitter marketing. Our company is offering mobile applications that permit users to find out free places for parking in real time. Our community people used to mark parking places as free before departing, so other users find newly available spaces in their desired area. 

Tweet Engagement

Our aim to launch a Tweet campaign is to make app downloads, reach the target audience and get more app users for our platform. To achieve success through Tweet campaign, we took the help of TwtDominator 5.0 which is an advance and helpful software to carry out twitter marketing and bring success for our business. We have tried other techniques to drive downloads, but couldn’t able to achieve target audience. So, we decided to launch a Tweet campaign with the help of TwtDominator to install app with Twitter ads.

We have got various benefits out of it. A Tweet campaign helps our Tweets to reach a great, targeted audience. We put the best content for the audience that values to us, at the moment it has the maximum effect.

After understanding the benefit of Tweet campaign you must wonder how we use TwtDominator software for it. Given below are the most easiest and simplest step with the help of which you can use it for Tweet Campaign:

Step 1:

Load Your Accounts: You can load your accounts (single or multiple) in the “Account Module”. You can also delete the unwanted accounts with a single click. 

Load or Delete Accounts

Step 2:

Create a Group: In the account module, you will get subcategories called “Create Group”. Here, you need to provide the group name, add the list of accounts and then save it. It helps to create a group for Tweet campaign.

Create Group

Step 3:

Create Campaign: To create a campaign first provide “Campaign Name” and select the group. Then load tweet message file.

Create Campaign
Step 4:

Tweet Message File: While loading tweet message file, you will need to provide Tweet input, which includes “Load message for Tweet” and “Select the option with Tweet”. Then add a number of tweet and image file, finally, save it. You will get a pop-up for “Save message”.

Upload Tweet Details
Step 5:

Schedule Campaign: Then select schedule time setting option in “Create campaign” module only. Provide delay time in second and save it. Below is the screenshot for this.

Schedule Campaign

Step 6:

Start the process: Click on the option “Start” the entire process will start automatically. All the report will get generated below it and it will also get generated in a CSV file format for future reference. You can also check it manually by login to your account. 

Start Process

You can refer the below video for it:



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