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How about growing your business using Twitter!

Do you use Twitter daily for your business? If not, you should create a profile and get online now!

 In 2015, there’s probably never been an easier way to grow your business. And many big businesses know this. Nike, Coca Cola and many more use social media as a way to reach out to new customers and increase loyalty with their existing customers.

 But it’s not only big businesses that can benefit from the smörgåsbord that is social media (yes, we absolutely had to get a Swedish word in there).

 For small businesses, it’s now super-simple to reach out to a new customer base, just by a few clicks. And looking at the new generation, it’s only becoming more important to be active on social media.

 When it comes to millennial, an astounding 63% stay updated on brands through social media. And that’s only the millennial. The generations after that will become even more connected, and it’s becoming evident that traditional marketing such as print and TV is becoming more and more ineffective.

SocialBro-Twitter-toolsBrands have to turn to social media especially Twitter in their marketing efforts to have a chance in the future.

 So, How Do I Grow My Business On Twitter?

First and foremost, social media lets you get to know your customers. And that’s the beauty and sometimes overwhelming factor of it.

 Social media is a continuous dialogue, where you’ll be able to get first-hand information on what your customers like and dislike. You’ll be able to see what they tweet about, what they Instagram and what they like on Facebook.

 So tweet them back if they write something related to you or your industry. Open up a dialogue and show your customers that you’re human and you care about them.

 What you’ll get in exchange is basically a golden opportunity for you to find out about your audience, which will help you in crafting powerful strategies or generate leads for a new target audience!

Use TwtDominator to scrape vital details about your prospects. The followers/following of your competitors may be interested in your offered products and services. What if I say you can know who the details of your competitor’s customers/audience? Yes, you heard right!

With TwtDominator, you can scrape the followers or followings of any Twitter user!

Just share it.

 Sharing stuff via social media is a good way to drive traffic to your website. So make sure to share whenever you’ve written a new blog post, launched a new product or a new update.

 But treat every social media individually. The way you write a tweet differs to the way you write a Facebook post because you’re granted more space on Facebook.

 Oh, and hashtag everything. Go hashtag-crazy. Hashtags are perfect for getting people to notice what you write about, because they may not follow you, but they may follow a certain hashtag.

Ahead-of-Competitors Make it fun to follow you.

 So, make it fun to follow you. For instance, don’t aimlessly tweet about whatever offer you’ve got going on right now. Why not make the offer into a competition?

 This is the beauty of social media because all of a sudden – if the competition is interesting enough – you’ve gained countless followers and upped your general brand awareness by a thousand.

 Something you probably wouldn’t have managed to do using traditional marketing efforts! Simply automate your vital Twitter activities, and let TwtDominator tweet and perform other tasks on behalf you while you’re busy in some other important business work.


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