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How To Get More Followers On Twitter In 7 Simple Steps

Do you want more followers on your Twitter account?

Or are you still wandering to find the best way to increase your followers on Twitter?

Or even if you have found one or two shots, you are not sure to try them on your Twitter account.

In this article, I will share my ideas which will help you in getting more followers on Twitter in just 7 steps.

#1. Post Profound Contents

Well this is the most common thing you have heard or saw everywhere, whenever looking to get more followers on Twitter, but did you find the ways too?

We all know content is king, it is what that interacts with your users. You can consider your contents as a mediator between you and your users.Therefore, your first step in getting a large number of followers to your Twitter account should to integrate your account with greate contents. How?, let’s see.

  • Add Locations.

One of the best way to make your contents more enticing to users is to add locations in your tweets. Tweeps find it more interesting to connect with someone of their locality or of a place which they have been searching on google. This makes your contents more specific to the users. For ex- if you are running an online bakery in London, adding your location will make it easier for  near by viewers to make a purchase otherwise even if they find your products fine, they won't purchase it as they will prefer buying it from near by places.

Tips: Add your home location to your account , these will help users to find other alternatives ways to connect you.

Will it go with SEO?

Nice question! Obviously, suppose you have been searching tourists locations in Maldives on Google and if your Twitter account has greate contents to serve quality informations to the query maker, then there are strong chances of  ranking of your account high in SERP.

  • Post relevant contents.

     Though you don't need to stick to your niche but make sure all your contents are     directly or indirectly promoting something in favor of your brand. For ex- if your page is about fashion shoes, your contents could be directly on types of shoes or trendy shoes or indirectly on shoes worn by top actresses.

How indirect ways help?
For example , if you post about the latest pair of shoes worn by the top actress in any event,any viewer who is interested in bollywood news will look at this, then look at your account, then your product( here, shoes) and then…. She may make a purchase, isn’t it?

#2. Develop your Account as a Resource

Make your Twitter account as an educational, motivational and inspirational resources. Give users a reason to connect with you. Don't just use your agendas only, bear in mind you are on a social media platform, your content  must have taste of social welfare making you an INFORMER ( someone who posts to share informations) rather a MEFORMER (someone who post updates of himself only).

Tips: keep your content a blend of both as you are on an official Twitter account, your primary focus should be your product only.

#3. Don't Post too Often

This, however is not in contradiction with “Posting Regularly” but posting too often can bemused your followers. It is therefore, suggested to post at regular intervals maintaining the accuracy and relevancy of the contents.

How one can keep a balance between over and under posting?

Use Tws Blaster module of TwtDominator to schedule your tweets or retweets. This module helps you in synchronizing your tweets/re-tweets either in the form of texts or images.


#4. Integrate Visuals

Don’t underrate the importance of visuals if you are aiming to achieve million of followers on your Twitter account.  Here see why?

  • 82% tweeps love to watch videos.

  • Tweeps retweets visulas 6 times more than other contents.

  • Images and videos have higher Click Through Rate than written content.


Since Twitter is a microblogging social networking site, i,e, your tweet can have a maximum of 140 character only, It is quite obvious that you can express your views better through a 140 seconds video than a 140 characters short message.

Also visuals are more enticing to users.

Tips: Because of slow or poor net connection, video uploading/downloading can be a problem in those areas. You should therefore avoid much use of videos, you can use Infographics or GIFs also.


#5.Connect with other Social Medias


Link your Twitter account with your other social media accounts like Facebook page, LInkedIn account. This will help in leveraging your followings of other sites in dragging more traffic to your account and also increase your account’s reach to cover wider area of prospects. Also look– tweets that embed links are 86% more likely to be followed.

Tips: Ask users to ‘follow you on Twitter’, through a CTA in your email or at other accounts.

#6. Use Hashtags to Get More Followers on Twitter


Tweets with hashtags has higher engagement and follower rate than tweets without hashtags.


because, hashtags are used to categorize tweets and show them easily in Twitter search.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are symbols which are used before a phrase or relevant keyword in tweet.


Tips: Dont overuse Hashtags, keep them a maximum to 2 times in your tweets.

#7.Organize Contests or Giveaways

People love offers and freebies and they will prefer to follow a brand that give them something good at discounted price. On the other hands, contests help in bringing people together at a common platform for a similar cause and for your account this is a brilliant way to drag bulk of people all together to your account and with time, you will notice a hike in your followers as well.



Being a well-wisher of yours, I will always advice best to you. Though there are several things that you can do with your account to spike your followers but, i know these things are easier to say than done!, that too all alone.

You can therefore, seek help from TwtDominator or others tools, but I generally prefer TwtDominator as it is in my budget and does everything for my account like a best buddy.


If you have any doubt, ask your query by clicking on the subscribe button, also read free newsletter to remain updated with your niche.


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