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Formula: How to Get More Traffic to Your Website Using TwtDominator Marketing Software?

For business on Twitter it is important to promote your blog, if you simply using twitter in a layman manner then how will people know about your product and blog? Driving traffic is an essential part for any marketers. Twitter help you to connect with millions of people on one platform. So advertise on twitter is an incredible way to reach out and connect with your consumer.

For getting followers or fans for your product, you have to be proactive. You needed to be creative. You need to use stony marketing strategy when you are using Twitter for marketing purpose. Using Twitter manually will not help you to make your Twitter ads viral. You need some external support that is a Twitter marketing tool. 

Twtdominator will not only help you to bring traffic to your product account it will also help you in SEO process.

In this blog, I will discuss robust features of Twtdominator.

How to start with Twtdominator?

Account Manager


1. First of all install TwtDominator on your system it will take few minutes to activate. After installing go to the account management option on your Twtdominator dashboard.

2. When you will click on its box will appear. You can get the below mentioned three options:
•    Load multiple accounts
•    Delete accounts
•    Single account

3. In load account, you just have to add the link of your Twitter account which you are using for ads promotion. In this option, you can add your multiple Twitter account. And you can handle all your account with single app TwtDominator.   

4. Delete account option will help you to delete the account which you have added earlier and now you want to remove it.

5. Single account option you can add your main twitter account which you’re using on daily basis or on which you are spending more time.

After adding your account with TwtDominator you can check, verify and manage your account.
Now we will move to the second step that is very important for drive traffic to your account that is creating group or managing group for your product.

How to manage multiple groups and create the group using Twtdominator?

Group play vital role in the promotion of your product and every business person have multiple groups of the promotion of the product but it is difficult for them to manage it manually. So using TwtDominator you can easily manage the group and bring more traffic to your product.



1. When you will click on account option on your dashboard at the lower option you will find create group option? Clicking on that box will appear which contain 

          •    Select all account
          •    Refresh
          •    Add

2. Select all accounts option will help you to build group on different account at the same time which will save your time and energy.

3. Add account will help you to add a selective account in which you want to make group and refresh will help you to know the result after adding.

Making tweets for your product is important to influence people for your product. So we will move to next step of Twtdominator that is

How to make multiple posts or Tweet on a different group?


1.When you will click on Tweet tab on your dashboard. The box will popup which contain the various section that you can see in the above figure.

2.If you want to post or tweet the same message in the different group then click on single tweet option and click on start same message will be posted on a different group.

3.If you want to post multiple posts in a different group at the interval of time then click on multiple post select delay time setting for each post or tweet and click on start.

4 Clicking on load message option you can tweet your loaded message to the different group.

In social media marketing, it is important to track your competitors. That will help you to make better marketing strategy. So Twtdominator will help you to extract data of your followers and people whom you want to know.

How to make better marketing strategy using a scraper?

Scraper option will help you to extract data from different users you want. It will help you to know your competitors well and helps you to adopt a new way of marketing so that you can gain followers for your products.

Scrape User

So let’s learn how to use it.

1. Click on scraper option on your dashboard.
2. Select scraper follower’s or following option or etc, to find people whom you want to scrape. 
3. You can also search people through keywords.
4. Then set the threads and delay and finally click on start option to get the result.


Choosing Twitter for marketing will help you to connect with millions of people at one place. The creative marketing strategy will only help you to get dominate over your competitors. So using Twitter marketing tool is a creative thinking for any business person. It not only help you to gain followers. It will also help you to save time for other business work. Twtdominator is user-friendly and easy to use.

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