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How to Follow Multiple Users using Keyword on TwtDominator

Are you not using Twitter? Seriously I don’t believe but if it’s true then let other works pending and make your Twitter account right now.

I think Twitter as a live networking event where you can start any conversation at any time. It’s rising up day by day and being a great tool for communicating with followers and also engaging with them.

Every day when I log in to my account, get an information and that’s the thing what makes me focused on this social media network. Like any other social media, people always like to get followers and that also, the follower which has many followers. But to automate your Twitter account, you need to take help of an automated tool.


People generally feels irritated when they have to follow another user one by one. A Twitter marketing tool “TwtDominator” can help you out to follow multiple users using a keyword. This software holds many other features also but regarding this blog, we will discuss following multiple users using keyword only.




A busy schedule doesn’t permit people to spend their time on any social media but with this software, they can easily save their time and get the maximum result. To begin this, you just have to find veteran twitters in the niche that you are promoting and start following their followers and especially those who has largest followings.

TwtDominator automatically follows people according to your settings on the software. Through the feature of following users using keyword relating to your niche will allow you to follow those who speaks your business language and promote products similar to your product. This software would work excellent to build your list with the right kind of people.

Want to drive huge traffic on your Twitter account by following multiple users using the keyword?

You can add multiple numbers of accounts in TwtDominator. The single software will automate your all the other stuff related to the Twitter account and you will be able to operate all the account hassle-free. Follow multiple users using the keyword on this software. See the steps discussed below.




Step 1: Choose grow follower option from the topmost side your screen.

Step 2: Then click on the follower option to start the process.

Step 3: Choose follow by search keyword from the follow input. Here you have to upload a text file including the particular keywords through which you want to follow. You can also restrict the number of accounts to be followed.

Step 4: Fill the time interval in which you want to start following. Input the numbers to be followed by your choice.

Step 5: Submit the process by tapping on the start button. All the Twitter profiles with the uploaded keywords will be followed instantly after submitting the action.

Step 6: See the Following report.


As an online marketer, you have to focus on many keys and the small area of your business also. Make a solid relationship with your customer and all those who follows you and whom you follow too. Turn your move towards success on Twitter marketing by following multiple users. Flourish your business by using TwtDominator. See the changes on your business by using this software effectively and let us know if you are not satisfied.

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