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Twitter Marketing Tips

5 Proven Strategies Twitter Chats Benefit Your Business

Many people think Twitter as a place of futile gossip feeds. They believe it as entertaining, but as useful! But in reality, Twitter is much more than a gossip and entertainment hub. It’s a place where communication and connection take place making people’s social lives more colorful and informative. Additionally, ...

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Do You Use These 6 Social Media Tools To Automate Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

So you’ve got all your social media accounts lined up, now what? Once the account creation for different social media websites are complete, the next phase entails growth, building and engagement. To provide you some help in identifying what strategies and tools you may be using to build your client-base, ...

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Twitter Marketing 101: 5 Rules To Harness the Power of Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is home to over 200 million users worldwide: it's an audience of potential users that can be reached online: an opportunity for companies to invest in terms of visibility, communication and listening. But let's try to answer this simple question: why a company should invest in Twitter marketing? And what for? Of ...

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