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How can you use the Features of TwtDominator to Boost Up your Business?

Twitter, the famous social networking site which has shown its active participation in increasing the craze of social media. The mode of entertainment, gaining knowledge and participating in various activities on Twitter has now become the common activities.

But in this busy world, there are some people who are still unable to get the advantage of the online business. Though they are having the interest to make their business grow online but still sometimes fail to do. Have you ever thought why? 

If not then I will let you know. Nowadays people are getting smarter. They believe in spending less and earning more. This is the reason where some of you are lacking behind because smart people are now making the use of   the tools which can help them in generating leads. 

So as per my suggestion if you too wish to enjoy the fruitful result of your efforts then go for one of such tool. Well, in my point of view I would like to suggest you TwtDominator. 

Join thousands of users

The features of TwtDominator is proving as the game changer for your business. 


Try to have more than one accounts

Try to have more than one accounts

Nowadays, everyone has to switch to multiple accounts so as to generates leads for their business. You can create the same. Then the next thing which will strike your mind is about the management of those multiple accounts. This is the problem which can be easily handled by the feature of TwtDominator. 

The feature is account manager.

Account Manager

Account Manager
This feature will help you manage all your accounts just by the single click. You just have to load your accounts here from the option load accounts. Also, you can delete some of them which are of no use to you. And this which keep the track of all your accounts in detail. 

The next module will help you to increase your followers counts.


This module will help you to follow single user,  multiple users, through keywords and from the scraped list. When you are done with your choice then can load the user’s ID to follow. Then set the delay, threads then the number of users and click on start. 

As we all are aware of the get and take policy of Twitter. It is found that when you follow someone in-return you are followed back.  

The next module will allow you to unfollow the users who are not proving beneficial to you. As we all technically know that the limit to follow people is 5000 per account. So why to follow the people who are not following you back just unfollow the unfollowers. 

For doing this, you can use the next feature of TwtDominator.

This module will help you to unfollow the users who are not following you back within the certain days. You are also able to clear the followed list from the database with the single click. Just select the option of unfollow, set the not follow back in numbers of days, load the user’s ID to unfollow. Also, you can mention the Email ID of the users and can place them in the unfollow list. Then set the number of unfollwers, threads, delay in seconds then click on start. 

The next thing about which I would like to inform is that this tool also allows you to manage your campaigns.

You are able to follow campaign, retweet campaign, tweet campaign and can also give a reply to various campaigns.

The next feature is to reply campaign . 

Reply campaign

Reply campaign

This module will help you to give replies to different campaigns. This will help the people on another side to know that you are showing the active participation in their campaigns by giving reply to them. For this, you have to mention the campaign name, select the account, schedule the time settings and click on start. 

Over to you

This post was written to let some people know how efficiently you are able to manage your Twitter activities and get the success out of that. 

Do share your experience on this blog post via a comment in the below comment box.    


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