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App Promotion on Twitter – Key Points for the Best Promotion

Twitter is the best place to write and share your feelings with the world. You can see that every person from a common to world famous celebrities, all have Twitter accounts. It is a great source to gain popularity through tweets and other promotional events.

Well Twitter is also a nice place for the digital marketers and product owners launch and promote their products. This is the era of creating new apps for whole lot purposes. You can make lots of money if your app gets popular among the people. But, do you know what are those illuminating tricks?

That’s what for I am here with my article. You will get all your answers to promote your new app on Twitter. Lets first understand the need of promotion, also what is it.

Promotion and its Needs –

Promotion is any activity that supports anything to get popularly known. This is a term which is in frequent use in terms of digital marketing. Promoting any products is a must for every marketer, or product owner. The more your product will sell, the more your business will grow right! But in order to let people know about your products and its benefits, you got to work on the promotions of the products.

Here I’ll tell you the best ways you can do the overall promotion on Twitter –

So you want to promote your new app on Twitter right! The very first thing that you’ll need to do is,

Making a Twitter Page for your App –

The very first step according to me that you need to do is, setting up your Twitter page. A separate page is a must in terms of thorough promotion of any product. Create a page involving the logo of your product and header image as well. So that your viewers (may be followers or anybody else) can see it and know about it on a quick basis.

After the page setup, the next thing you gotta do is to make attractive content.

CONTENTify it –

Do you understand anything by watching any blank space in a site? No right, so do your viewers on Twitter. The very next step after creating the Twitter page will be, adding some content to it. This will be a ‘Step Ahead’ work in order to promote your app. Write things about your app and write it in an attractive way. You need a really engaging content that could provoke your viewers to see what’s inside your app.

Here I will let you know how you’re gonna do it.

Create a Website for your App –

This will be a very nice addition in your ‘Road to promotion’ for your app. Having your own website feels really great, it adds an impact on your viewers as well. You can write engaging blogs describing well about your app on the website, and this can help you out to have more and more followers for your new app.

Management of Account – Use Automation tools



As soon as your tweets, website and Twitter page will start getting shared more among people, you will need to manage the things up in the most relevant time interval. In addition to it, you can take help from some of the really advanced technologies, like the automation tools. After all, we are humans right!

Meaning, we can perform only a certain task manually, but when things will be more in numbers, then we got to take help of the automation tools.

The automation tools are the one that use the highly advanced technology to perform digital marketing tasks. As far as twitter is concerned, TwtDominator can be the right tool for it, in terms of performing twitter marketing.

How it will be helpful will show you in the lists of features mentioned here –

  • Auto follow – You can auto follow people/followers according to your choice.

  • Auto Tweet – You can auto tweet as much as you want.

  • Direct Message – You can automatically direct message to people.

  • Retweet – This is also an automatic function to retweet or add favorite.

  • Unfollow – You can unfollow people as well.

  • Follow Back – In case you want to follow back someone.

By using these features, you can straight up your Twitter product marketing strategy, and promote your app’s news everywhere.


What TwtDominator provides?

Here’s a list of the things you will be getting in TwtDominator while performing your app’s promotions with it.

Task scheduling –

You can schedule your tweets posting, following and direct messaging tasks. This tool will provide everything and almost any activity to run at the best time.

Data Scraper –

The scraping section is very important for every automation tool, as to provides you the relevant data of the target people in the form of profiles/names/contact details etc.

Campaign Manager –

The ‘Campaigns’ refer to the management of multiple accounts at the same time. If you own several Twitter accounts, then you must use this feature to manage the tasks of all your accounts at the same time.

Accounts Manager –

Okay so the campaigns will manage your tasks running in the different accounts, but who is going to manage the account for you? In the accounts manager section, you can manage the accounts.

Customizing Support –

The tool poses nice customizing support. You can run on proxies as well, as it holds the support for it too.

Filtering –

The account’s data need to be filtered in regular time intervals. You can use the filter options to keep/eliminate any sort of data after any task has been performed.

So in this way, you can use TwtDominator to promote your app on Twitter. By following the steps mentioned above you’ll notice a great increment in your app’s followers and viewers as well.

I also suggest you to use any automated tool after doing proper research on its reviews, and knowing the right way to use the tool as well.  As this will help you to get your job done on a quicker basis.

I hope you have liked my article, kindly share if so!

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