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A Complete Guide on How to Manage Multiple Accounts in Twitter

Do you have multiple twitter accounts?

Wondering how to manage them for your Twitter marketing..???

I am here with a solution to it..!!!

Twtdominator is the new twitter managing software that lets you monitor, engage, and schedule tweets for multiple accounts from a single customizable dashboard.

So, in this blog we will discuss how to handle multiple accounts using twtdominator.

Let’s check it out..!!!

1. Connect Your Twitter Accounts:

The first step is to set up your twtdominator account.

If your company has one or two people monitoring social media, you can create one login using your company’s handle as the default account. Then you can add more accounts/handles to that same user login.

After you login to twtdominator, you’ll see your twtdominator dashboard. From there, you can add accounts, write new tweets, review activity and notifications, read messages, change settings and more.

Account Manager

To connect additional accounts, click on the Account manager option. Now you will get the option to add single account, load multiple accounts and delete account options. According to your desire you can choose the option. And you can easily get the account details in the below provided space.

2. Monitor and Engage:

Once you’ve set up your scheduler, you have a complete view of your Twitter presence in one dashboard.

To effectively manage and grow your Twitter account, you’ll need to do some daily tasks. To make sure no tasks or opportunities fall through the cracks, here’s a helpful checklist.

Grow your followers:

The most powerful twtdominator feature is the ability to grow followers in real time.   


So how it works? Well, you just have to select the desired option like whether you want to follow by accounts or by keywords or hashtags or etc. Then you need to mention the number of followers you want to follow from the selected account. Now you need to set the delay and threads and finally click on start. The characteristic feature help you to get new audience and followers when you need. As it automatically follows the users at the specified time as you mentioned.


twt schedule



You can schedule tweets and even copy Tweets. Just choose the desired option and mention the users and the number of Tweets to be done from each account and then set threads and delay and finally click on start.



To keep your Twitter feed fresh and engage with people you’re following, retweeting relevant content. You can schedule the content to be retweeted at the peak times.


If a user offers praise or an interesting story, retweet it. Choose what kind of tweet you want to retweet. Mention users inyour tweets and the number of tweets to done form each account. Now set the threads and delay and then click on start. 


This option is of immense help to you in unfollowing the people in a bulk amount who post too much or spam posts that are no use to your business promotion.

Scrape users:

It is the one best features of the twtdominator that helps you in scraping details of the other followers to establish new connection for your business.

Scrape User

 Take advantage of these features of TwtDomiantor and get the desired results. 


Twtdominator makes it easier to keep your company top of mind on Twitter by moving all your Twitter conversations into a single, customizable dashboard. Plus, when you can engage, analyze, monitor and schedule tweets for multiple accounts from one place, you’ll be more productive.


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