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7 Tips for effective business marketing using twitter

If you are new to the online market and thinking to promote your brand then I must suggest you to think about twitter, which is the best platform to advertise your brand.

For the people who don’t know, let me tell its extensiveness. Twitter has more than 300 million active monthly users and not less than 20 million potential brands are promoting their products worldwide.

These statistics show how twitter has emerged into a powerful marketing tool beyond anyone’s expectations.

All you need to know how to use it and it will be your companion for your business promotion.  

So, in this blog I will suggest 7 tips to leverage this 140-character popular and the most powerful social media site to drive maximum traffic to your business website.

Let’s check it out..!!!

1. Optimize your Twitter bio:

For any business page bio is first and foremost thing to be cared of. That means you should have a bio that will tell the people who you are and what you can do for them. You can also include several back links that can drive people to your company website. You have to make sure that your company brand, identity and voice are expressed well. You should also have a consistent tone so that your targeted audience clearly know and understand who you are and what you can do.


2. Find out who the influencers and experts:

By using the Twitter search or several twitter marketing tools like twtdominator you can find a number of like-minded customers, prospects, media and influencers by using various searching keywords that are in relation to your industry. Once you find them you need to follow and interact with them regularly.


Get a list of 100 most influential people in your working space which may include potential clients/customers, thought leaders, journalists, potential partners, big-name bloggers and writers etc. By this, you can get in to interaction with the followers of these influencers and can make connections them.

3. Get colleagues involved:

You need to understand that the first people to help build your company should come from your internal organization. You should be sure in making your coworkers and employees to follow you on Twitter and ask them to be active by tweeting, engaging, retweeting, etc. This creates the followers for your employees get to know more about your brand and products.



4. Tweet regularly:

This is the most important tip of all. It is not just you create a business page in twitter and your work is over. You should be really careful in taking the responsibility to get your brand to the people as many as possible. Regular tweeting is an indication of an active and healthy profile. If you are tweeting only once a week, or once a month, you aren't keeping up a consistent relation with your followers and clients. This makes your users customers and clients to forget about your brand and products. Make them remind your products with new and attractive tweets that drive their attention.


5. Track mentions and respond if appropriate:

You have to track and monitor mentions and keywords of your brand to know what is being said about you and your brand. You need to be extremely sure in responding in a polite, professional manner if you find them appropriate for replying. After all, customer service is the first and foremost strategy for marketing. And by this make many more customers to post their queries and complaints about the products on your twitter page.


6. Follow hashtags/trends:

Always try to look at the latest, trending hashtags and topics and start finding a way to make a relevant connection to your products and brand. If you put your brand among the new trending topics, people will be seeing your handle of posts and brand when they search for tweets regarding that particular hashtag you are using.



7. Offer discounts to twitter followers:

You can also drive traffic to your page by running Twitter contests like “The next 100 people who retweet me will be awarded a free coupon of 50 percent off on you latest products.” This would bring traffic towards your page and their followers will also try to follow you for this kind of contests and gift vouchers promoting your brand more vigorously.



Twitter is an amazing platform either you use it for sharing thoughts or sharing brand values with the public. All you need to use it terrific features that are more relevant to the kind of use you are opting to.  These seven tips will assist you making a good exposure for you in online market to promote your brand as well as products and services into the core of your targeted audience.



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