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5 Twitter Tactics that will Help You to Get More Traffic Today for Your Business Blog

Are you struggling in getting traffic for your business blog from Twitter?

For a successful business, you need more followers, engagement and “of course” more traffic for your business content. 

Some of the business blog killing Twitter, And you want to get same success for yourself, But most of the businesses don't know how to start?. 

Twitter is super noisy and there are a number of experts for a different topic. So what step you follow to make your business stand out in front of theirs. 

You must be thinking you need a cunning marketing strategy to get more followers for your Twitter business blog, but don't stress. Focusing on simple tactics, you can easily trap community and drive traffic to your content.

Whether you are big fish or a small one in a Twitter compound, Using below tactics will help you to get traffic for your business content.


First of all, stop thinking of Twitter as a textual platform.

Twitter now updated with visual content using which you can easily insert an image in your tweet. Content with an image makes greater impact on your readers. 

Creating a visual contain will make your tweet different from other tweets in your following list of Twitter. 

While uploading a picture on Twitter always choose a photo with a strong focal point which attracts viewers and forces them to like the image. 

Twitter business blog

The highly clickable images always include heading for your Twitter business blog with larger text. And image somehow related to your blog post.


When you tweeting link for your blog, never give too much detail about your content in your tweet body.

If readers can guess entire story through your tweet only. Then why would they click on your link to read the full story. 

Organize your tweet is such a way that it highlights both benefits of the content and generate curiosity among your followers. And never use too many complicated words, speak plainly. 

Twitter business blog

One more way to attract eyes of your followers towards your tweet is to make tweet which asks question from your followers. This type of tweet will create more engagement of people on your tweet. 


However, Updates are barely noticeable on Twitter and your followers might be truly baffled to miss out on your latest post.

To have a similar content a few times without irritating your audience, adjust the pictures and content utilized as a part of the tweet. 

For example, you may tweet a connection three times, each time utilizing distinctive content: 

Tweet it first with the original headline, a link and a picture from the post. 
Tweet it next with a quote and a link to the blog. 
Tweet it one final time with an alternate photo, a link, and questions that make interest about the post's subject.

These tweets should be posted at a different time for most visibility. Without getting more stress you can rotate your tweet using Twitter scheduling tool TwtDominator. Which help you to schedule your tweet on Twitter. 

Twitter business blog

The Twitter community can very helpful to know what should you write in your content.

Make poll tweet to know what type of problem your followers are facing in their business. By showing interest in the challenges of other, you can create a circle of users with similar interest. 

When you collect enough response, Create a blog which answers those specific questions.

Published it on your Twitter and never forget to mention username in your tweet who asked the question in the first place. 


Using hashtags in your tweet receive two times more engagement than those without hashtags. It will help you to get more engagements for your tweets, more visibility and get more clicks on your shared links. 

Always use hashtags related to your niche and blog. So that users related to your niche can easily find your tweet on Twitter. 


You can’t be a traffic powerhouse on Twitter overnight. But using above tactics for your business blog will help you to build your own source in short period of time.  To be a successful blogger for your business dedicate time to your community, promote your content sparingly and express your interest consistently. 

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