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6 diligent Ways to Gain Loyal Twitter followers

how-to-get-more-twitter-followersWhile some of the Twitter marketers argues about the importance of Twitter followers, most of the successful marketers give extreme priority to the followers. Having follower and having loyal followers both are different from each other, For just having the followers you have many easy ways among which buy followers is one, which is a temporary approach of achieving followings, as the followers are not faithful and will not support the marketing campaigns. While loyal followers are one who participate in your marketing campaigns and promote your campaigns among their friends, peer groups etc. Also, they keep on sharing your tweets, your updates which are helpful towards improving your brand awareness among the Twitter users.

Before discussing the ways to gain loyal followers on Twitter, I want to make you aware of the benefits of gaining loyal followings:expert-podium-300x236The more followers you have the more efficient you are- this is the general view of people. It may be incorrect to define efficiency through the number of followers, but as it is the current marketing trend, we have to consider it. The more supporters you have the more impact you have on the Twitter users. Twitter is an awesome channel for making people known about your perspectives. Marketers use Twitter for interaction, build relation and to do product marketing. It does not matter whether it is a business brand or a service or may be a product having more supporters can be completely effective towards lead generation and improvement in business deals.

Here are the tips to gain loyal follower without giving any effort:

1- Use company logo or organization's picture on the profile photo-downloadDo not just leave your profile photo blank or do not use any photo which is not related to your business. The best option is to use your organization's picture or logo. This will make it easier for people to recognize. It has been estimated that Twitter accounts having profile pictures have more followers than the profiles which do not have identical profile pictures.

2- Create bio which is attention grabbing:be-uniqueYour Twitter bio can be quite effective towards influencing people to follow, so it will be a great loss for you in case you are leaving your bio empty. It is one of the first things that every profile viewers notice. Clarify what are your efficiency, your services, who are your clients, your tagline. Also, it is important to assign your location on your bio. In order to show your profile on the Twitter search result, it is essential for you to assign your full name, bio and Twitter username on the profile.

3- Supply more information about you on the custom About page:find-more-info It is impossible to describe all about you within a limit of 160 characters. So you can use the custom About page in order to supply all other information which you can not include in the Bio. By clicking on the link of the custom page, your profile viewers will be redirected to the page where they can view all information about you and your organization.

4- Whenever posting tweets always attach your Twitter account's link:usefullinks1Many of the time I have noticed that people are not using their profile links on the tweets, which is the factor that is acting like a barrier between them and their followers. If profile link is attached with the tweet then anyone, who find the tweet useful can visit the profile and start following, this can be an incredible approach towards gaining loyal followers.

5. Post useful contents: useful-tipsPosting useful contents is an evergreen approach towards improving user engagement, shares, followers. It can also improve the number of re-tweets. You can also share your Twitter post on other social media accounts, which is also an incredible approach towards getting more followers.

6. Have a limit over daily posting-stop-out-of-pocket-costs-570I am not restricting over posting but always keep a fixed number over your daily posting. Because over posting can show a negative impact on the Twitter followers. You can use Twitter automation tool like TwtDominator to schedule the tweet posting. This tool not only decide the right time for posting but also help in maintaining the number of daily posting. You can assign the profile URLs of the Twitter users, whom you need to tweet.


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