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5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes In Your Twitter Marketing

You have started a new business and you want it to flourish the market.

It’s definitely a great idea. But do you have an idea about the ways you can do it?

Have you explored the different marketing procedures that you can use for your business promotion..???

And if you are planning for advertising and marketing for your business, let me tell you cannot put online marketing away from your strategy.  

You have to think and discover all the possible ways to include online marketing to promote your brand.  

One of the most effective and favorable ways is to use Twitter as your platform for marketing.

But people often end with disappointment unable to use its full potential.

Well, let me tell you this is only due to their silly mistakes that put them away from exploiting the extravagant features of twitter.

So, in this blog let us discuss some basic mistakes that are more relevant in twitter marketing and the preventive steps to avoid that.

Let’s, check it out..!!!

How to Get Rid of Mistakes in Twitter Marketing?

Here are the five tips that will definitely help you to get more from of your Twitter marketing.

1. Use less number of Links in Tweets

If you have been using too many of links in your tweets then it could be a primary reason why you are unable to get enough engagement for your marketing efforts. Maybe it seem quite normal, but it has been consistently observed that engagement in Twitter is significantly increasing only for the tweets which don’t share any link.


Why is that?

Well, let me tell you this is because the followers in your Twitter account do not want to get links but they would like to engage more with you and your brand.  The other reason is that people are more likely to click on the tweets which have less number of links. This helps you to get more visitors to your website, who can be later transformed into your potential customers.

2. Post Effective and Attractive Images

I have already told you that fewer links in your tweets will enhance engagement. But it is not the case with the images. They are the most important tools that can lead your Twitter marketing towards success.


Images will attract the viewer’s attention more than the content. This feature of the images can really be helpful if you are going use a micro-blogging platform, like Twitter.

3. Select Effective Hashtags

If you are a good user of twitter then you must be knowing that the most effective manner to use twitter is to use the right hashtags. So, if you plan to use Twitter for your business marketing, then you should select the right hashtags.


How can you create effective hashtags?

When you are going to create hashtags for your new business, you can use the most famous hashtags, which are in use already, or you can just create hashtags of new type by evaluating some of the used hashtags. Remember, you need to use the right hashtags to make your brand more visible to the consumers online.

4. Use Tweets of Correct Format

Tweets have generally had a proper and standardized format. If you are not going follow them, then you can find that your tweets will not be meeting your expectations. So, it is important for you to ensure that you are using the right format.


5. Offer Value to your customers

You need to provide some value to your follower with your tweets. You should realize that bland and flat tweets will not perform well for your marketing. So, it is important for you to give some value through your tweets.


How can it be done?

You can suggest solutions for some of their problems. You can provide few instinctive tips that be helpful for your customers. So, you can make good tweets. The more your customers get stuff from your tweets, the more they like to retweet it. By this, it will be spread to the world about your new business without having much effort or hassle.


If you are an emerging entrepreneur or marketer and want to market your business online and spread the brand, then you just can’t keep Twitter away from your schedule. But if use it like an amateur it won’t be of much help.

So, I would suggest you follow these tips to get a better and the most effective output from the Twitter marketing platform for your business.



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