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5 Latest Twitter Features that you must Know

Twitter, I guess this social networking site doesn’t need any introduction. 140 characters were not much valuable before it was known as "tweet".

The monthly active growth of Twitter is increasing rapidly but the revenue generated from the user is not getting higher than before. The marketer has thought to get maximum revenues last year but unable to see a great tech progression.




From the last six months, Twitter has made many changes to get higher revenues than before. The changes might be small or big but it would definitely drive much user engagement and will also improve the overall experience of the platform.

We understand getting updates can be irritating sometimes for all of you but you will see the new features added to your Twitter account.

Here are the 7 latest Twitter Features you may not have acknowledged till now.

#1: The 140-Character Count Loophole

As I have said it recently about the tweet, the 140 characters post which is also termed as “Tweet” holds the identity of social website Twitter. I guess it secures Twitter in the place of the most popular website as it owes the fastest available way for ideas to spread.  You can even attach any media with your tweet and by default, your media link can only take up 23 characters in a tweet.




#2: Accessible Images 

Once the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made a public appeal to submit ideas for any product enhancement to the developers. One of the ideas came as focusing on making Twitter more accessible. Generally, people using any android or IOS apps can now add alt text descriptions to any image within the tweet.

The accessible images have to be set up on the user level, just by going on the setting option you can find the process to do the next.

#3: The Latest Connect Tab

Earlier, after joining Twitter we need to follow a bunch of magazines, news, organizations and recommended accounts. This year, in the month of May, Twitter took the small hint and reimagined the way to find and follow people. The connect tab has been released now, the latest feature which allows us to scan all the contacts for people to follow and then do some recommendation about the locality, activity, and other major accounts.

#4: Go “live” now

Facebook has launched live streaming video feature recently. It has a really effective result on Facebook and it boasts 10x engagement from before.




Last year, Twitter has acquired periscope and has been slower to give priority to this type of format. People using android phones will see the option to go live when they compose tweets. The live button connects the user to Periscope and then enable them to broadcast directly through Twitter.

#5: Native GIF Search

However, the list of GIF search is not significant but the feature is important for many of us. Last year, people has shared more than 100 million GIFs on Twitter. When you will think to share any animated image on Twitter, the estimated number is more impressive.


Native GIF Search


Today, with Twitter latest GIF feature, you need to click a button and then to conduct the search there. You don’t need to save or upload those images.

Wrapping words

Twitter marketing is raising the height of success every day. But until you update with the latest techniques and features of Twitter, it won’t be fruitful anymore. This blog has discussed the latest features by which you can easily get updated with the young and smart generation.

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