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10 Simple Tips to Make Better Use of Twitter for Marketing

I had a twitter account for my business but didn’t know how to make good promotion. I sought suggestions from some of my friends who are very famous on twitter. They had suggested me some simple tips that brought me here to share with you.

You too want to improve your marketing on twitter?

Then just follow the simple tips to do better marketing on the social media.

Here, in this article, you are going to know about:

improving your tweets,

improving your network,

bringing your followers back to your website,

making twitter as your digital marketing partner, and

using better twitter tools

How can you improve your tweets?

1. Express yourself:

Share your knowledge with the world. Make tweets on interesting topics. Just tweet in your own way. You have creativity within you. Make people want to read your tweets. Just compel them with your effective words to retweet you and like and share the links you attached.


2. Stuff Keywords:

How do you search for somebody or something on twitter?

You type some keywords, right?

Everybody do the same and use this as a strategy. When you think about a particular topic to tweet, make a list of keywords that are most relevant to the topic. Use those keywords in your tweets and posts. So that, you will be more visible to your targeted users. When someone searches for that topic, they can find yours in the top row.


3. Share useful content:

You find something interesting and want to let others know?

Make a move. Post the link of that content. believe me or not. ‘Posting links’ is really a great strategy to engage with your targeted users. It gives you a chance to strengthen your fan base.


4. Use searching tools to know your audience pulse:

Use a twitter managing software like TwtDominator to know what your audience are most interested in. This software contains some searching tools that can help you out. Using this tool, you can get to know the topics that are discussed most. If they relate to your business, then make your tweets regarding them. Try to share links of some videos that can answer their questions. This can bring you an image in your audience.

5. Connect with right people:

You can know your targeted audience with a tool available in TwtDominator. Make connections with such users. Follow the people who are interested in your industry. Retweet to their posts. Engage them in your campaigns.

6. Make good relations:

You should always try to make good relations with your followers. Make positive retweets to others tweets. When someone has tweeted impressively, appreciate them. Share their tweets with your followers. Make them famous. This can make a win-win situation as they would also do the same to you.

Engage with your audience. Call your audience for an action. Help your audience with their problems. If anyone asks a query that you relate to, then respond immediately. To give quick responses, take help from the TwtDominator tools.

Bring your audience back to your website:


7. Share links to your website:

Lure your audience with offers they can get by following you back. Conduct some funny contests on your site and invite your followers. Announce some small prizes for the winners. Share links to your website and make them to visit your site.


8. Often post links to your blog:

You have to post Blog posts on your blog frequently. Write on interesting and useful topics. Remember your targeted users and write for them.Share the links for your blog in your tweets.

How can you make Twitter as your digital marketing partner?


9. Sync with LinkedIn:

Being a businessman, you need to connect to more professionals. With LinkedIn, you can gain more knowledge about your industry. You can meet persons of your kind. Invite them to follow you on Twitter. Attach your twitter link on LinkedIn Profile.

Create a list of LinkedIn connections on your twitter account. To perform this task more efficiently, you can take the help of TwtDominator tools.


10. Go for a Twitter automation software:

There is a plenty of twitter automation software available. TwtDominator is one such software. You can have useful tools in this software. These tools can manage your twitter account automatically. You can get better results with these tools. Moreover, they are less in cost.

That’s all. These tips are simple but the results are amazing, I will bet you.




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