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10 Significant Tricks to Increase Twitter Engagements

Are you a Twitter marketer who is struggling to make your page active with organic Twitter engagements? How can they make their page more productive? Can only followers of Twitter can make it?All these queries will be get cleared after reading this blog, so just keep calm and thoroughly follow this 10 tricks for making your Twitter business page professional.

1st Trick: Don't Exceed your Tweet’s More than 110 words:

Don't Exceed your Tweet’s More than 110 words

While tweeting marketers should do it without exceeding 110 words. Because as per experts it gets more engagements as compared to lengthy tweets and short tweets gets more visible by users. And when marketers tweets are of small in length then only it will give space for retweeting. Or else while retweeting users will have to edit marketers tweet and then give their retweet.


2nd Trick:Tweet at Engaging Time:

Before posting anything on Twitter, make sure about when to post and when not to. For that marketer has to ensure when their followers are much active to post their updates at their particular time.Because this will only help marketers to get more engagements on their Twitter activities.

3rd Trick: Don’t Forget to Tweet on Weekends:

Don’t Forget to Tweet on Weekends

When a marketer is running Twitter marketing they should always keep their page active on weekends. Because maximum Twitter users stay active on weekends so, marketers should always try to post the best update and get more Twitter engagements. Even if marketers don't have time to post on weekends then they should try out scheduling the post for weekends.


4th Trick: Emphasis more on Images and Videos:

As social site users provide more engagements to visual updates marketers should also try to upload more images and videos. As compared to other types of post this will drag more engagements and hence make marketer’s Twitter pages professional one. Even if marketers don't have time to create images or videos relevant to their business product, still they should post by sharing trending viral updates from other sites. This will actually help the marketer to keep their page active and engaging.


5th Trick: Update with Right Hashtag:

Update with Right Hashtag

Generally, marketers while posting anything on Twitter they post it without hashtags. Even if some marketers are doing it with hashtags but not with the right one, using any random hashtag will never help to get Twitter engagement. So, While updating any images or videos or even content also marketer should give best and popular hashtag.


6th Trick: Add Call to Action button for Twitter Engagement:

In Twitter page, a marketer can give call to action button to drag traffic for their business page. Similarly, in their updates also they can add call to action buttons as well as while posting ads on Twitter marketers should do it.


7th Trick: Promote Landing Pages Links:

Another best way to drag more and more organic Twitter engagements is by promoting landing page links in Twitter posts. This way a marketer can improve their official website search engine ranking as well as boost up Twitter marketing by getting more engagements.

8th Trick: Automate Twitter account with Software:

Automate Twitter account with Software

If any marketer don't have enough time to make their Twitter account engaging by following this tips or some productive strategy then also they can make their Twitter account effective. Yes, they can do it by automating their business page with the best Twitter marketing software, i.e, TwtDominator. All the activities of Twitter like, gaining followers, getting and giving engagements and all other features will be automated.


9th Trick: Keep Giving Engagements in your Followers Post:

In order to get engagements from Twitter users marketers also need to give response on their followers activity. Because, social media relation is maintained by giving and gaining engagements so marketer should try to give engagements on at least active Twitter followers activity.  

10th Trick: Analysis Performance Report:

Analysis Performance Report

Just to check their own performance and upgrade their own marketing strategy marketer should keep following their own Twitter performance report. After a particular interval marketer should check and improve their performance.

Final Words:

Hence, following this blog’s tricks will definitely help a marketer to get more Twitter engagements. This tricks can be easily implemented by all categories of marketers who are willing to make their Twitter page professional one. To know more about Twitter marketing trends do follow our blogs.


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