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Successful Entrepreneurs in Twitter

There are loads of entrepreneurs who are promoting their businesses on the social media platform like Twitter, twitter is not some ordinary social networking site where you only follow the posts of the celebrities and become a member of the fan club, it has evolved itself into a much different level where most of the entrepreneurs have used it to make themselves more visible to the real world. Twitter has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to make sure that they are being recognized and followed frequently on the web, there are many entrepreneurs who have started using this advantage, some of the entrepreneurs I'm going to mention have even started taking this during their teenage days and have come out successfully flying high in the sky of success.

Here is the list of successful entrepreneurs in twitter who have been using it for promoting their business:

Gary Vaynerchuk:

The brainchild behind the creation of VaynerMedia which has posted many motivational videos in its profile and has a huge fan following on twitter. This company was also founded along with his brother AJ Vaynerchuk. The company basically deals with giving social media and strategy services to fortune 500 companies. He's also the best selling author as said by the New York Times.



Grant Cardone:

A motivation speaker and the best-selling author as acclaimed by the New York Times, one of his pages the Grant Cardone TV or GCTV has become a hit among the followers and posts motivational videos about various tips and tricks to achieve great success in life.


Ramon Ray:

The main anchor behind the successful blog called SmartHustle.com which is also a magazine which regularly posts about marketing and entrepreneurship in twitter, he regularly tweets about new articles in his magazine on his twitter page.



Daymond John:

Also known as the star of the reality TV show from the hit TV series called the 'Shark tank'. Apart from being a star on reality television, he's the founder of a popular clothing line in America called FUBU. He's also branded as the most hard working people in the world. He has also opened a startup called Blueprint and co which is based in New York which offers various freshers to implement their ideas from tech to fashion to entertainment and so on, it has become quite popular on twitter too.


Murray Newlands:

Newlands wanted to become a lawyer when he was in college but fate had other plans for him, which made him an entrepreneur for creative marketing and public relations agency at the age of 23. He's currently opened an online book club which would be helpful in invoking networking among various twitter users and share common interests in writing too, it has helped a lot of users in twitter to interconnect with people of same interests.



Richard Lorenzen:

One of the youngest entrepreneurs in the business world, started his first company at the age of 15 in high school, he's the owner of the company called Fifth avenue brands which is a digital marketing agency based in New York City. In January 2014, he and his friend Sam ovens co-founded a blog called Achieve Iconic which is a blog which gave information to all the fresh entrepreneurs on how to succeed in the competition for business.



Shama Hyder:

The youngest woman to dominate the world of business run by men, her company the Marketing Zen is considered as the best company as declared by the White House and the United Nations, her company does the services for fortune 500 companies to small time companies around the globe.



Timothy Sykes:

Started his career in trading stocks at the age of 18, started his career with $12,000 and now he is the owner of $4.5 million dollars. He has conducted a new scheme called the 'Millionaire Challenge' where he teaches various youngsters to how to earn millions in a clean and lean way.



In the end I would say that these successful entrepreneurs in twitter have achieved one thing that is the dream they dreamt of and that can't be achieved even by an academically brilliant student in life, so, I would say, if you have a dream or an idea to become famous in a short span of time, twitter is here for you to guide you in every successful endeavour.

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