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How I Achieved Followers for My Twitter Account With Minimum Effort?

witter is one of the most amazing platforms to showcase your business in front of a larger audience. In Twitter last update they mentioned that they are having 319 million of monthly-active-users all over the world. This is one of the best statistics of Twitter till the year it started.

Twitter gives you 140 characters to tweet and in this limited word-space, it is very difficult to increase followers to your profile. 

When I started my Twitter account, I read a number of blogs, even applied them to get more followers for my profile. But couldn’t succeed in getting more followers for my account. But I didn't quit. I started my own experiment and I got the best result. And during my experiment, I didn’t give more effort. I got success with minimum effort itself.

Because as a business person I don’t have the whole day to stick to my PC or mobile and browse Twitter. So I started finding an easy path for growing genuine followers for my account.

Through this article, I want to help that business person who is like me and running in the race of getting more followers for their account. But due to lack of time and right strategy they can’t reach their milestone. 

Here is my new Twitter strategy to get more genuine followers by giving minimum effort. 

Profile Optimization

While writing about this topic I was thinking that when people see this topic, they will think that this is the same as any other blog post. But, it’s not.

Profile Optimization is the first step towards making my profile reach on Twitter. I don’t give more effort in this I just follow the basic step of SEO in the description box. As I belong to digital marketing industry. So while writing description about me, I keep some hashtags related to my business ( eg-Digital marketing associate expert in #DigitalMarketing #Socialmediamarketing #SEO #Technical #copywriter #blogger #Wordpress #GoogleAnalytics #PBN)

This hashtag helps my profile to appear in good position in the search results of Twitter when people make search related to this keyword. 

The second thing that I make some change in website link section. For that particular section, I put a link which is related to my description (eg-https://www.facebook.com/globussdigitalmarketingclub)

Here Digital Marketing is my keyword which I kept everywhere in my profile. Profile Optimization helps me a lot to increase genuine follower for my Twitter profile.

Twitter Followers

Following People 

When I completed with my profile. My next step was to follow people. For that, I made one routine of following people. According to my business, my profile must connect with people like me. Or I can say that people who belong to my field. 

For that, I focused on 3 keyword which is related to my business (#socialmediamarketing, #onlinebusiness, #Digitalmarketing). And for all this 3 keyword I started to follow 10 people for each keyword every day. And not only following people from this keyword I also started making like on a tweet which is related to this keyword. So that people can get a notification about my profile and anyhow they click on my profile and follow me. 

Within a week in return, I got 300 followers on my profile which more than my following list. And after following my strategy on regular basis I got 5.1K followers. And with minimum effort this is a great success for me.

Twitter Followers
Follow Back Followers 

Whenever I got followers I follow them back because on Twitter everyone is running in the race of making more followers.

So if I don't follow them back they will unfollow me. Once I follow them back in rare case I saw someone unfollow me. This like in 10% chance 1% is their people will unfollow me even when I follow them back. So own daily basis I follow people back. 

Making Tweet

While making tweet I always think about what to Tweet and how to get more engagement on my tweet. I always Choose quality content for my tweet. My tweet is based on the interest of people whom I follow and people who follow me. And I started posting one fresh tweet daily. 

Twitter Followers

While making tweet I always use to post an image with my tweet. Because Image is easily caught by people. And the image of my tweet is always related to my content which most important. 

Using of Quality Hashtag

Using the hashtag in my content. Help my content to reach larger and right audience. When I make tweet I used hashtag according to my content ( eg- If am writing about social media marketing for this content my hashtag are #socialmediacontent #digitalmarketing). 

Twitter Followers

Using the hashtag in my content help my tweet to get better position when people make a search using these hashtag. Hashtag help me to increase the number of follower on Twitter. Because from search result they visit my profile and follow me and they added me to their List also. Due to which whenever I make a post they can easily new about my post and make it a retweet. And through a retweet, I get more followers. 


Retweet help me to increase engagement rates on my older post. Because on Twitter per second, 7,203 tweets are made and in that it's very difficult for me to get engagement for my older tweet. 

And due to which I miss right audience who may follow me after reading that tweet. So on the daily audience, I started to retweet my 10 older posts. So that they reach the right audience and they follow me due to that tweet.  

It magically my strategy for the retweet and I started getting maximum 3 followers from my older tweet. 

Sending/ Relaying  Message

When people follow me I started sending greeting through the message. Which help me to gain the trust of my followers. Earlier people follow me and I also follow them back but after some time they unfollow me because I don’t make any interaction with them. 

But when I come with my strategy. I never face above written problem. Message people also help my business to grow because I send them my blog link and another website link through the message. Which increase traffic for my website. 

I always use to reply message this help me to know the test of my followers. And According to that, I make plans for my further tweet. 


This is the simple basic steps which I follow regularly to increase the right audience for my business. And I don’t sit continuously for all these processes. I usually take half an hour to complete all these steps. Try these step with your account and let me know in given below comment box. And stay tunned with me for more upcoming tricks for Twitter which will help you to make your profile eich on Twitter. 


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